Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Wet Affair

Yeah. Strawberry-picking time last Saturday proved to be one wet affair. Apparently it rained the day before or something, so the strawberry plants were wet. Gladly my mother-in-law had lent me her hat, jacket, and boots, so I was saved from all the wetness. It was FUN, FUN, FUN!!! There weren't that many strawberries ripe yet, but we managed to get a small bucket of it anyway and my in-laws gave them all to us. I can't wait to pick more strawberries next week!!! ;-D

Below is a very pinky me. Arttu said that he had to take a pic of me 'coz I looked SO pink. LOL!!!

Below: My father-in-law and Arttu. Don't ask me what the net is for he he he he...

Presenting different shapes of strawberries...

Yepppp...drooling already over this delicious bowl of strawberry and cream. YUM YUM YUM!!! ;-D

Found these two bugs in my in-laws' garden. Dunno their names, though.

Below are two pics of the sky from our apt. window. The second pic was taken at around 3 AM this morning. It was BLAZING RED!!!

Last but not least, a short video clip of my in-laws' garden in Kelujärvi he he he...


  1. What gorgeous pictures. I especially love the one with the worms.. and of course the strawberries. Thanks for sharing a beautiful day!

  2. Hi, Amber!!!

    Glad you enjoyed them. Worms? I'm afraid I'm a bit lost here...errr...but yeah, it was a LOVELY day indeed. ;-D

  3. I like the very pink you photo and the ones of the strawberries up close. YUMMY!

    WeE had strawberries and cream last night. They were a gift from my mother-in-law. :-) Tuesday is my birthday and next friday is her birthday so we went over this weekend to exchange gifts and cards.

    I have checked my gifts and I know I have a box of chocolates because I can smell them.

    chocolates, strawberries and kind mother-ib-laws - three very beautiful things. :-)

  4. Glad you enjoyed the pics, M!!!

    YESSSS!!! Glad you have three very beautiful things even before your birthday!!! ;-D

  5. Hey you!!!
    That was some fun Weekend indeed!!! Lovely pictures: I just loved them!!!
    Your mother-in-law produces gorgeous strawberries: the nets over them are because of the birds (so they won't eat them, and ruin the production)!
    Ah, you look so cute in Pink hi hi hi...!
    3am...and the sun is rising already?! Wow...not even in Africa!

    I'm a sucker for starwberries and cream: bring them on!!!!!

    Complimenti! wonderful pics, great weekend...amazing!!!


  6. Hi, Max!!!

    Glad you loved the pics. ;-D Yeah, it was a FUN weekend indeed! Ah, I thought so too about the birds he he he...

    Yeah, over here there were days in summer when the sun didn't set at all, so it's been FUN living here so far. ;-D

  7. Those are nice pictures and video. Can you tell me how to get a video on your blog or on You Tube? That's probably a dumb question, but I have no idea how to start.

  8. Hi, Meli!!!

    THX for dropping by! It's always nice to see a new face here he he...;-D

  9. I've replied Kathy in her email about posting videos. HAVE FUN posting the videos, Kathy and THX for dropping by!!! ;-D