Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream Coming True?

Inspired by Epi's latest post entitled Strange Dream, I suddenly remembered something that happened when I was in High School.

I was SO curious about the result of my English exam back then. I was at the time sitting next to another girl who's now one of my best friends. After wondering about my result for days, I had a dream one night. In my dream, I saw two sheets of exam papers. One was mine and the other was my friend's. I could see the scores my English teacher gave us both. I got a 9 and she got an 8. I remembered the shapes of the numbers and where she wrote them down.

I don't remember if it was the next day or several days afterwards when my English teacher finally handed out our exam papers. But I remember feeling SHOCKED when I saw a 9 on my paper and an 8 on my friend's paper. And the location and the shapes of the numbers were EXACTLY the same as I saw in my dream.

Until now, I have no explanation about this inexplicable dream.


  1. Hey you!!!
    This phenomenon is called clairvoyance through dreams (I guess that there might be a psycholy term for it; but I am speaking as a person very much interested in these affairs)!

    You may have a gift! And if it doesn't occur always, it means that your mind is not trained to allow you to foresee more through your dreams! But the fact that you have the seed there, it is already a good thing :)! Always make use of your intuition: that's what I keep telling people!

    Funny thing is, today over lunch I was recalling the time when I had a Latin exam, and I dream a few days earlier the text that would come out on it! So, I studied it thoroughly, I did exercises; and when the day came to write the afore mentioned exam...BUM! It was exactly the same text...I was shocked!!! But I got my good grade lol!


  2. Hei, Girl, THX for your two cents.

    No, it never occured anymore, 'coz I think I got a bit scared after having that dream he he he...I was thinking to myself, "Did I see the pages through HER (my teacher's) eyes? YIKES!!!"

    So you had that kind of incident too? That was AWESOME!!! ;-D Yeah, must've felt SO nice to get a good grade. ;-D

  3. Sounds as weird as my dream! We must bow to the powers of the human brain!

  4. Hi, Epi!

    Indeed we'll never know how far our minds can stretch, eh? ;-D

  5. Gotta go sleeping and dreaming now :)

  6. Mother Hen: Yeah, you'll never know what you'll dream of. Maybe you'll be surprised sometimes...;-D