Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Pics

Don't expect to see too many lovely shots here, but I just want to share them with you. I didn't have time to take many pics but when I have time to go to the forest again, I'll surely take many more pics.

We just arrived at the forest. It took us about 5 minutes on foot to reach the opening where we got to pick blueberries by following the path. Arttu drove a tractor first, then halfway down the road to the forest, his Dad drove the tractor while Arttu grabbed the electric saw. My mother-in-law drove the car there. It was funny to see Arttu driving a tractor. I'd NEVER seen a tractor close-up right in front of me before I moved here he he he...LOL!!!

There you go. The pic isn't THAT clear but at least you can see how difficult it was for me to separate which from which. Lots of berries and lots of leaves he he he...

The above pic is my bucket. I didn't realize it back then, but now I can see that there're definitely different kinds of berries there ha ha ha...

This one is my mother-in-law's bucket. Filled with blueberries ONLY. Perfect catch!!!

Here's a close-up look of crowberry (left) and blueberry (right) after Arttu told me the difference between them.


  1. Hi Amelia!!!

    Nice photos!!!! That forest seems mysterious (as any forest, but this one is really nice...perhaps due to the different type of trees! Our forests are more dense)!
    Delicious berries, girl!!! Was it difficult for you to pick them?

    Your mother-in-law is more experienced than you; that's why :)! I can already picture a blueberry pie, blueberry jam: Yummmyyy!!!

    You really had a nice weekend: are you going back soon?


  2. THANKS, Max!

    The forest seems mysterious? He he he...I'll surely take more pics later on then.

    Picking the berries wasn't hard, but knowing which ones to pick WAS hard he he he...

    Yep, my mother-in-law's blueberry pie is SO SO SO delicious. She put LOADS of blueberry on top. YUMMY!!!!

    Well, I think we'll only go back to the forest on Saturday (if we're going there, not sure though).

  3. Wow sounds fun! And love the new look of your blog btw.
    Can you eat crowberry?

  4. Mother Hen: Yep, LOADS of fun, esp. after the rain started pouring down cats and dogs. LOL!!!

    Yeah, you can eat crowberries but they aren't tasty.

    Glad you enjoyed the new template. I'm actually hunting for a stretch one now as I feel that this one's a bit too narrow. We'll see he he he...

  5. Hi Amel, love the new look. Thanks for the blueberry/crowberry lesson. I think I've eaten a few of the latter by mistake in my time, I just thought the blueberry was off ;-)

  6. Gorgeous pictures as always
    PS: I like the new look

  7. Oh boy, blueberries! Your pictures really took me back to those warm, sticky weekends of my childhood when we'd be picking for hours (our fingers and mouths would be blue-tinged for days!) I can almost taste that pie!!!

  8. Fish: Glad you loved the new look. I think it's cleaner and nicer to read he he he...So you mistook crowberries as blueberries? It happened to me, so no wonder it happened to you too!

    Amber: THANKS for the compliment! ;-D

    Paper Fan Club: YEEEESSS!!! I actually took a pic of my purplish tongue to show my parents back in Indo (right after I had eaten the blueberry dessert) HE HE HE...Nice to remember memories like that, eh? ;-D

  9. I really like the one of your moms bucket cuz we can't tell it is a bucket. It looks very cool.

  10. i used to go blueberry picking with my mom when iw as wee. i miss it. if i had anyone willing to go with me now i'd go. maybe next year i'll try to find someone. there's go to be another who likes the task, right?

  11. Awannabe: Yeah, it's because the bucket's white and I cropped the pic he he he...

    Honesty Rain: Yeah, there's gotta be some people who love the task. It IS fun indeed even it's tiring he he he...

  12. Hi Amelia,
    Just a mouth watering sight.It is always good to be with nature occasionally.
    Blog layout is very nice.
    Good luck.

  13. Surjit: Glad you enjoyed the new template. Yeah, they're mouth-watering, eh? And yes, one of the things I love most from Finland is being SO close to nature he he he...