Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Award for Me!!!!

This is definitely my rocking month (Mom always says that I'm the luckiest on my birth month) ha ha ha ha ha...I've just been given another award by Gage. THANKS, Gage!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more pics of Lapland...coming soon!!! I'll upload them tomorrow he he he...

For now, here's a pic of my homemade cakue (a kind of snack famous in Indonesia - people eat it with chicken porridge and chili sauce, but sometimes you can eat it just like that with chili sauce). Turned out my hubby LOVED it, too! I'm SO glad 'coz it took HOURS to make it - you had to leave it for approx. 5-6 hours after making the dough before you could cut them into pieces and then deep-frying it for a minute or two.

Good night, everybody!!! Sweet dreams...


  1. They ARE 'cakui'!!! Try to put butter and kaya inside, and slice into a few pieces...YUMMY!!!

    I hope to get the recipe from you hahahaha...because I never thought of asking for it from anyone before hehehe...

  2. stopping in on your blog.. thru Blur's... he he..looks YUMMY! ship some back over here!

  3. Kelcey: Yeah...they're just a little bit salty. They're best eaten while still warm.

    Choc Mint Girl: There you go. I put the link to the recipe. It's in Indonesian but I think you'll understand. Mind you that I only tried making half the recipe 'coz I figured that if I failed, then I didn't throw out too much ingredients he he he...I made the dough at around 8 pm and left it for a whole night (wrapped in plastic).

    HAVE FUN trying to make it! ;-D

    Jyankee: THANKS for dropping byyyyy!!! Wish I could ship some to all my blogging friends he he he...

  4. Congratulations. The cakue look delicious by the way

  5. Hi, Amber!

    THANKSSSSS and yes, the cakue was delicious he he he...I had been craving for it for a while, so I really enjoyed eating it! ;-D

  6. Oh, I know this. We call it 'you tiao' in Chinese. It's called fritters here. Yummy with porridge or soy bean milk. Good on its own too.

  7. Blur Ting: "You tiao"? That's a cute name he he he he...Yep, it's yummy with porridge or on its own. Never tried eating it with soy bean milk, though!!!

  8. In hokkien it's even funnier, it's called 'you char kuey'

    "You" is oil. "char' is deep fried. and kuey is kuey lah!

  9. Blur Ting: Ahhhhh..."char kuey" sounds similar to "cakue" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...