Thursday, November 15, 2007

Strike and Postman

Yesterday before we started our class, another classmate of mine talked about an ongoing strike in Finland. The nurses are on strike, though she said that it was actually forbidden to do such a thing in Finland. They had decided to stop working altogether. I was shocked when I heard that, 'coz three of my classmates are heavily pregnant. One of them should be due last week already, another one is due next month, and the third one is due in January. My pregnant friend told me that people were being directed to other cities AND countries (Norway or Sweden) in case they need help right away. If you're interested in reading the details, go here: Helsingin Sanomat. It seems that 12,000 nurses will resign all at once if they don't get what they want. Imagine the chaos if it should happen! I do hope the officials will find a way to settle the matter!!!

I forgot to tell you that the other day I realized that my friend wrote down the wrong apartment number on her envelope. Our apt. number should be 18, but instead she wrote 20. Funny thing was that the postman/woman must've known already that it was for me (I'd been getting some mails from my bank and some other stuff, too), so he/she delivered it right to our door he he he...COOL!!!

In Indonesia, the postal service SUCKS. A friend of mine was sent a few lipsticks from her sister from Aussie, but when the package came, there was the letter without any lipsticks. It's happened already to some of my friends, as well. It's REALLY dangerous to send stuff to Indonesia via regular postal service. The problem is, they hire High School trainees to help them out (as apprentices) and they open and repack registered letters. You can imagine how tempted those High School trainees are when they see imported stuff in those packages. I'm not saying that ALL of them are like that. I don't even know whether they are the ones who do it or the people who work at the post office. I'm just saying that things sometimes get lost when they're sent from abroad to Indonesia. I just distrust their service he he he he...


  1. Good thing for a post man who knows ya.

  2. Lori: Yes, I was SO pleased 'coz my mail was delivered to me. My friend sent a birthday card, some photos of her son, and a bookmark, so I'd have felt SO sad if I lost them all he he...

  3. My domestic helper wanted to send a new mobile phone back to her hubby in Indonesia few years ago even tho I advised her against it. She insisted and when the package reached her hubby, the phone inside the box was missing. Only the charger was inside!

    It happens alot in some other countries too. My friend says that whenever he sends shoes back to India, he send each side separately so that they will never get stolen. smart right?

  4. Blur Ting: Yeah, it was a HUGE mistake, sending a new mobile phone back to Indo 'coz Indo people are crazy about trends...they don't care how broke they are as long as they can follow the trend. Well, not everybody's the same, but the pressure's there.

    It doesn't shock me about your helper's missing mobile phone. Tsk tsk tsk...

    Your friend who sends shoes back to India's REALLY smart! ;-D

  5. Hi Amel;

    Back in the 80’s when air traffic controllers threatened to do the same as the nurses in Finland seem to doing US President Ronald Reagan fired ALL of them…and then they all wanted their jobs back which they got but with loss of some benefits and money….

    Who seems to have public opinion on their side? A threat like all the nurses quitting must make them very unpopular. Of course what will they do then star at the bottom of the ladder with wages and benefits when they come back…and they will come back they aren’t all going to go and sell shoes….

    By the way have you been to a hockey game yet?

  6. LS: Ah, THANKS for the history lesson. I didn't know about that he he he...VERY VERY interesting!!! :-)))

    Unfortunately I haven't been to a hockey game yet. I can't say I'm interested in watching one, though he he he...

  7. Wow, the postal workers in the U.S. sure couldn't get away with stealing things. I use to work for the postal service and we were constantly aware of being watched.

  8. WoW! 12,000 nurses!! Wonder what the outcome is...

    Anyway, I had encountered the same problem with the postal services before. It happened more than 10 years ago, I think. A pen pal sent me a dictionary and some stuff, but it was obvious that somebody had been tampered with the envelope. So, my mom and I went to the Post Office and reported it.

  9. Kathy: I wish it were the case with the postal officers in Indo!!!

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, quite a lot of nurses, eh?

    You reported it to the PO? And then what happened next? I hate it when things get lost when some emailpal or some relative sends me something via PO. :-((((

  10. Apparently, the Executive or Manager or something is a friend of my mom, but they didn't have any systematic way of handling this matter at that time, so, we couldn't do much about it...I think it was way back in 1993...

  11. Choc Mint Girl: wonder! Yeah, no systematic way of handling such a matter...I understand what you mean he he he...