Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finally Approved by PPP!!!

Yesterday I read in a friend's blog that she had joined PayPerPost. That made me wonder why mine hadn't been approved yet, even though I had registered mine earlier than that. She suggested that I should contact their Customer Support and I did. This morning when I checked my inbox, turned out they had approved my blog! What a nice surprise! ;-D

As you all know, I'm in dire need of some income as I've been unemployed ever since I moved to Finland. At first I was a bit unsure about making money online opportunities, but seeing other fellow bloggers promoting this site, I figured that there would be no harm done in trying this site out.

After all, I love writing and I can do it from the comfort of my home. Mmmm...I can already imagine being able to save the money I get and spend some on buying some things I need without having to ask for more money from my hubby. Ain't that grand? ;-D

So if you have a blog that's already 90 days old and you'd like to generate some money by working from home, try registering your blog in PayPerPost. Once your blog's approved, you'll get plenty of opportunities to write each day and you can also improve your creativity level in writing. What do you have to lose, right? Come on and join the fun!


  1. Welcome to PPP, Amel!!! :)

    With regards to your Qs in my blog, if I understand correctly, you need to insert the html of the text link just the way it is. That
    means, in your post you do not have to type payperpost because once you paste the html code, the text 'payperpost' will auto appear just like when we create any links in the comment box. All you have to do is to highlight the word.

    Secondly, there's another 'transparent image' link that they require you to include in your post. What I did is I just paste the code at the end of my post before the disclosure badge. :)

    Last but not least, the disclosure badge by them. Choose the colour, copy and paste the code at the end of your post without changing anything.

    Hope this will help. Good luck!!! :)

  2. Choc Mint Girl: THANKS A LOT for the tips, Crystal!!! ;-D

  3. Mel... have a crazy experience with ppp ya.. ahahaha..sometimes it can be so frustating loh! musti tetep inget ini cuma selingan.. hehehe

  4. Trin: Yup, I was a bit confused at first 'coz it didn't work out ha ha ha...but Crystal's helped me work it out hi hi hi...Yup, iya tau kok ini cuma selingan, but for me, getting any small amount of income is already WONDERFUL! ;-D

  5. Hope you can make alot of money with PPP!

  6. Blur Ting: THANKS!!!! I don't know yet if I got the first two articles right. I guess we'll see in a few days whether or not they accept them he he he...

  7. Amel

    When I first moved to Scotland I took on some internet things to make money - surveys and writing reviews. I still do surveys for three places that pay okay. It's not fast, but it does work. I get £5 and £10 coupons for shopping from them. THe one gives me coupons for.. AMAZON! Yaay! I love that as I use them to buy birthday and Christmas gifts mostly.

    The reviews.. how much you make there depends on how much effort you put in. Like blogging you need to read other people and leave comments because you get paid a little bit every time another member rates your review. I did reviews on groceries mostly, but also some books and other things. There are two big places - CIAO and dooyoo. dooyoo is Germany-based, but it has an Eglish version. I was with them. It took me about 3 months to earn £50. I stopped because I got a job through them! Yeah!! :-) A book I reviwed. The author read my review and liked it so much.. she offered me a job as her assistant!

    The surveys were British and might not work for Finland, but I'm betting CIAO and dooyoo might have options for other countries. Just an idea!

  8. Hi, M!

    THANKS for telling me about this. I'll go check them out. ;-D I LOVE Amazon, as well he he he...

    Indeed it takes time before you can get some income from doing some online "gigs".

    That's SUPER COOL that you got a job by doing reviews!!! You DO have a talent in writing. :-D