Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Woke up this morning with a VERY sore and dry throat. Last night I couldn't stand it anymore, so I kissed my hubby's lips a few times (no French kisses, though). I thought I would be safe since we didn't share saliva ha ha ha...but I guess I was affected anyway. This morning I let out some (sorry!) phlegm from my throat. Since I have to go to my Finnish class this evening, I decided to take some precaution by drinking Finrexin Neo. I don't really know what it is (all I know is that there's vitamin C in it and some other stuff), but hubby took it when he first found out that he was about to have flu. Plus it tastes OK, so I don't mind drinking it. By the way, it's a kind of powder with berry taste.

Right now my throat feels MUCH better (GLADLY!!!). I'd better drink more vitamin C, then. AND I should avoid kissing my hubby again until he's 100% well. *sob sob* ---> this is the toughest part he he he...

On days like this, when I have a sore throat, I long for porridge. Hot chicken porridge is the best kind of food to eat when you have a sore throat. Plus I want to make some cakue, as well, to eat with the porridge he he he...For those of you who don't know what cakue is, just click on the link. It's tough to imagine the taste,'s salty and it's like a light snack. It's SO tasty, esp. when eaten with the porridge.

Hubby's going to Rovaniemi on midday this Friday already. I wonder what I should do then. Maybe I should try making cakue and porridge he he he...I hope I can make cakue the right way as my friend tried it once but it didn't go well. Hmmm...wish my Mom were here to help me out he he he...I'm gonna miss going to my parents-in-law this Saturday as hubby'll probably be home only on Sat evening. I can't wait to make another SNOWMAAANNNNNN!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE...By the way, did I tell you that both my wrists were sore the whole day after I made the snowman? LOL!!!

Anyway, early this morning I also had a weird dream. I was back in Indonesia and I had to be a private English tutor again. I had to teach one student in the next few hours and I wasn't prepared already. I PANICKED as I had to find the old books I had used to teach my students and I only had a limited amount of time to prepare myself he he he...It was such a crazy dream! I woke up groggily and found myself a bit confused about everything. Maybe my subconscious mind wanted me to be able to get some income, eh? HA HA HA HA HA HA...Did you have any weird dreams last night? Sometimes dreams reveal what our subconscious mind is really thinking about, right? ;-D

Ever since I moved here, I've had dreams with a similar theme. I was back in Indo for a visit and for some reason I freaked out 'coz I didn't have enough money to pay for the plane ticket to go back to Finland. I know this sounds crazy 'coz if I ever visit Indonesia, I'll naturally buy a two-way ticket, so I wouldn't have to worry about paying for the ticket. I hated this kind of dream as I always woke up VERY tired afterward. I wonder what this kind of dream subconscious mind is worried about money matters? He he he he he...

What I find interesting is that I've remembered many more dreams ever since I moved here. I wonder if that's because my hubby hangs a Dreamcatcher above our bed or not. His penpal sent it to him once and he's been hanging it above the bed. OK, I'd better have some lunch and then start studying Finnish again before my lesson starts this evening! ;-D


  1. I sure am glad your feeling a bit better. I'll pray for you and your hubby right now.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lori!!! God bless you!!! ;-D

  3. aiyoooo... don't kiss lips with viruses lah... hahaha
    how much it cost actually to go to Finland from Bandung Amel? I have to save money for it nich..

    don't worry about money dear.. just write PPP diligently.. hahaha.. hm.. btw, God will provide ok!

  4. Hi, Trin!

    HA HA HA...yeah, I should stop kissing hubby still. *sob sob*

    How much does it cost? Hmmm...actually it costs around €1200 to get to Helsinki, but since I live in Lapland, you have to take another plane from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, which costs around €80 per trip if I'm not mistaken (so €160 for a round-trip ticket).

    Yes, God will provide indeed!!! THANKS for the reminder!!! ;-D Actually I have enough savings to buy two round-trip tickets to Indo, but I'm not going to use the money yet. It's for VERY urgent matters only he he he...

  5. Iya, bisa dibilang mahal sih kalo ke sini tuh, soalnya pake Euro sih yah...skrg dollar lagi turun, jadi kayanya lebih murah ke negara2 yang pake kurs dolar tuh he he...

  6. Hi Amel,
    Hope you are feeling better now.Loads of vit C is the best remedy

  7. I like reading your conversation in Indo with Trinity because I understand them...he he...sorry, I was out of topic.

    Anyhow, glad you're feeling better. :)

  8. Frasypoo: Yes, I feel MUCH better now...but I avoid kissing hubby now ha ha ha ha...THANK YOU, Frasy!!!

    Choc Mint Girl: HE HE HE...Don't worry. It's good to have someone who understands Indonesian, as well he he he he...;-D

  9. its going around so make sure you take alot of vit. C and get some rest also no more kissing the sick one HA!!!:) hope you get feeling better

  10. I know how you feel I've been sick this week myself. Feel better & get lots of rest.

  11. I hope you didn't fall sick afterall. You know, don't forget virus is airborne. SO you must have breathed in some of the germs. It's difficult to avoid when you're living together. Hence when kids fall sick, parents almost always get it too.

    I hope you get to eat your piping hot bowl of delicious chicken porridge!

  12. I hope your sore throat doesn't develop into anything worse!
    Last night I remember a snake being in my dream and I was afraid of it. I hate dreaming about snakes!

  13. Stacy: Yeah, that's true. Lots of people down with flu. I'm feeling OK now, THANK God! ;-D

    Kasper: THANKS, Dawn!!! I'll heed your advice. ;-D

    Blur Ting: Gladly not he he he...yeah, I guess it's hard to avoid viruses when you live together. Oh well...he he he he...And I'm planning on making that chicken porridge either tomorrow or on Saturday. Yummy!!!

    Kathy: Gladly my sore throat seemed to vanish. I took my vitamins yesterday and drank lots of milk, too he he he...

    You dreamt of a snake? YIKES!!!