Saturday, November 10, 2007

3BT: November 9-10, 2007

1. Talking to my brother and my Mom via Skype. They're a bit under the weather due to the changing season, but they're fine and the wedding invitations are all printed and ready to be sent.

2. Watching shimmery snow under my feet. When I walked outside as it got dark, I realized that under the light of the street lamps, snow looked like a sheet of gazillion tiny particles of diamonds, shimmering in the dark. It was SO lovely! All those years watching snow on TV, nobody's ever told me about this! It was SO magical! I wish you could see it for yourself (for those who haven't experienced it): sparkly, shimmery snow...mmmmm...

3. The joy of making my first "perfect" cake for Father's Day with hubby's help he he he he he...

4. Tucking hubby under the blanket on the couch after he got home from work. Mmmm...

5. Seeing my in-laws and hubby enjoying the cake I made and then hearing them say, "It's GOOD." Ahhhhh...such a delicious feeling!!! *wink*

6. MAKING MY OWN SNOWMAN with the help of hubby! He he he he he...I'll post it tomorrow he he he...

7. Eating hot reindeer soup made by mother-in-law as it was snowing outside. I was craving for soup, soup, soup he he he he...

8. Finding a cheaper Dean Koontz book online to buy for my hubby's Christmas gift ho ho ho ho ho ho...SPLENDID!!!

9. Coming home in the car, feeling like I was being on top of the world and then flying he he he he he...I could feel my entire body bursting with joy, joy, joy!!! I could literally feel every pore in my body bubbling over with joy. It felt SO good to magnify every single WONDERFUL moment that I had experienced and absorb it completely.


  1. It looks like everyone enjoyed your cake very much! Wish I could taste it too. I have a sweet tooth :-)

  2. I've forgotten to mention this to you about the cake, YOU DID IT, AMEL!!! Of course, with the help of your super hubby...he he he...

    OHH, I'm imagining now about snow...and making snowman and spending my time with hubby as what you did with yours. Magical moments!! You're so lucky!!!

  3. Blur Ting: Wish I could share some with you. :-))))

    Choc Mint Girl: YEEESSSS!!! I DID IT he he he he...;-D I was SO HAPPY that it turned out just fine.

    I'm gonna post something about the snowman today, so just you wait! Yup! Magical moments indeed...with two runny noses ha ha ha ha ha...

  4. Hi. Your cake sounds quite delicious I am having a craving for cake now :)

  5. Hi, Amber!!!

    You can find the recipe in my earlier post about the cake he he he...

  6. Your cake looks like it was delicious! I look forward to seeing the snowman. I will have to enjoy the snow through you and your pictures since we don't get snow this far south!

  7. Kathy: Yup. I just posted the snowman he he he he...So you don't get any snow, eh? Well, there are positive benefits of not getting snow. Since we live in an apt. building, we're lucky that we don't have to clean our own yard from snow. My parents-in-law have their own house, so they have to clean snow from their own yard a lot. Gladly they have a tractor to help them out. ;-D