Sunday, November 25, 2007

No Snowmaaaannnnnn!!!!!

Unfortunately yesterday it was -8'C and the snow was too dry. I tried making a small ball, but it didn't work AT ALL. So I gave up. I did try making a snow angel by myself, but I didn't take a pic of it 'coz the end result was weird as I had to get up by myself and thus I ruined a part of it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...I'll try again next time and ask hubby's help to get up and take a pic of me while lying down on the snow, OK?

I saw a SPECTACULAR view of Sodankylä's river, though unfortunately I didn't take a pic of it as we were passing it by by car and there was no way I could ask my hubby to stop his car around that area. But I held my breath when I saw that view. It just makes me realize how WONDERFUL this place is. I've always loved the view around the river, either in winter or summer. Makes me feel SO peaceful. Mmmmm...

Anyway, here are some pics I took.

First pic: Took it a few days ago from our balcony. I was doing something with my computer and then when I was about to walk to the kitchen, I drew a sharp intake of breath when I saw this view. I LOVE the gradation of colours. White, baby blue, pink...mmmmm...

Second pic: Guess what time I took this pic? 3 pm!!! It was SO dark at 3 pm and there was a moon in the sky! I grabbed my camera right away 'coz I wanted to show it to you he he he...

Now these pics were taken yesterday near my in-laws' place.
Actually the SPECTACULAR view I was talking about consisted of the same kind of "sunlight" effect like that, but it was surrounding a frozen lake and some houses around it, so it was more breathtaking than these pics as I could see the view from above the bridge mmmm...My fave pic is the last one he he he he...the one of the frozen lake near the cabin. Let me show you a comparison with the last pic...the same spot, taken in summer.


  1. Wow, the lake is now all frozen? The scenes are too beautiful...

  2. Blur Ting: Yeah, the lake's all frozen now. ;-D Glad you enjoyed the pics. I love going there 'coz it's so peaceful...of course it's also almost always windy 'coz there're less houses and buildings he he he...

  3. Hi Amel, it is very nice picture :) thanks for sharing your photos in here :)

  4. WOWWWW!!! They were indeed breathtaking!!! I always feel mesmerized each time I look at pictures like these...hemmmm...

  5. Juliana: Glad you enjoyed the pics, Jul! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, the view made me want to stay outside to bask in God's glory of nature he he he...that's why I LOVE going to my's SO peaceful there. ;-D

  6. Looks like a winter wonderland

  7. Hi, Amber! Yeah, it does sound like that indeed. This is really a winter wonderland. ;-D

  8. Those photos are WONDERFUL... you really have a talent for photography!

    I'm also rather jealous of all he snow that you have gotten... here in Minnesota, we have none..yet... it's snowed a couple of times, but it hasn't stayed. Or it's been extremely cold but didn't snow.... Ah, well, December & January are usually are biggest months for snow..but I' still jealous! lol :)

  9. You know what I still find amazing? That deep blue the sky goes when it is dark, but still "day". Like your 3:00 pm photo.

    Here sunset is at 3:30 now.

    I really feel a part of nature, with the rhythms and cycles, up here.

  10. Choc Mint Girl: THX for the tag! ;-D

    Katelyn: HE HE HE...THANKS for your compliment. I was just there when the view was SO lovely, so gladly I brought my camera with me. ;-D

    I hope you'll get PLENTY of snow later on, then. ;-D

    Hi again, M! IS fascinating that it's SO dark even though it's only 3 pm he he he...I find that adjusting to all this hasn't been too rough on me (gladly) he he he...although I may have more trouble if I had a full-time job already and I had to wake up early HE HE HE HE HE...

  11. those pictures are so pretty. I cant wait for it to snow here

  12. Hi, Stacy!!! Yeah, I can imagine your anticipation he he he he...