Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trinity's True Blue Award

Trinity has created an award and shared it with me. I'm HONOURED to get this one as I've only known her for a short time, yet it feels as though we've known each other MUCH longer than that. I guess one reason is also 'coz she's my senior in High School and university and we both come from the same city he he he he...

This is what she said:

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm, they never sleep, so ever-present, they're friendly, so amicable, accountable, dependable, and protective. This award is presented for bloggers who always stand by you!

I'd love to share this award with these four people who've been with me every since the start of my blogging days:


  1. Hey Amelia,

    This is so so, but so cute *moved face*!

    Congratulations on your award :-D *standing clap clap clap*!

    Thank you so much for sharing it with me, it means a lot :)!
    Now, you have been there since the beginning of my blogging days too...I'll have to make a special entry for you when posting this award :-D! Just wait and see :).
    Thanks again, girl *big hug*!


  2. Max: My pleasure and THANKS, Girl!!!

    Yes, it's such a CUTE award indeed. And yeah, you're right about that we've been together ever since our early blogging days he he he...;-D Back then I still thought you were a guy ha ha ha ha...

    BIG HUGS to you too, Gorgeous!!! ;-D

  3. That is a cute award my oldest daughter loves dolphins im going to have to tell herabout it so she can check it out :) nice job to all the people that recived the award.

  4. Stacy: Your eldest daughter loves dolphins? Yeah, Trinity, the creator of the award, loves dolphin so much he he he...

  5. Congratulations!! And, Lotsa THANKS, Amel!! I just love your personality and blog, and really appreciate the moment we became friends. Thank you for your friendship*hugs* :)

    Hey, last time I thought Max was a guy, too!! He he he...

  6. That is one cool looking award. Congratulations!!

    BTW, I have a favor to ask. The last site to join our directory is called "Waking Up." The author is Marshall and, I believe, is very talented and really has something to say. I have read all of his posts and am very impressed. The only thing that he is missing is readers and support. Could you pop over, take a look, and if you like what you see, leave some comments. If you are anything like me, you may just get hooked.

  7. Choc Mint Girl: My pleasure, Crystal!!! We were LUCKY to have met in the blogosophere and become friends! ;-D HUGS back and THANKS as well for your friendship. ;-D

    MMP: THANKS for your kind words. ;-D Sure, I'll go check it out later, Mel.

  8. Amel, I'm glad you like the award. :-) moreover, I am happier to see your readers love it too.. dolphins are amazing and adorable.. :-)

    I also think that Max is a guy! Sorry, Max! I have a close friend whose name is Maxine and I call her Max as well.. :-)

  9. Trinity: Yeah, everybody ADORES it, Trin he he he he...;-D Indeed dolphins are amazing creatures!

    HA HA HA HA HA...Don't worry about Max. She won't be mad. ;-D