Thursday, November 08, 2007

Super Star Award + 3BT (Thursday, Nov 11, 07)

Can't believe I'm a Super Star he he he he...THANK YOU, Choc Mint Girl, for sharing this award with me!!!! This award was created by our fellow blogger, Mariuca.

I'm sharing this award with:

Mel Kaye

3BT: Thursday, November 11, 2007:

1. Hubby leaned his head briefly on my shoulder (well, literally the left side of my chest) while holding me tightly before he went to work. This has happened twice already HE HE HE HE...*smug grin* I always wake up when his alarm rings and we always kiss each other g'morning before he leaves for work and I go back to sleep ha ha ha...I told you I'm an INCURABLE SLEEPYHEAD!!!

2. Feeling the snow crunching under my shoes as I walked outside. Crunch, crunch, crunch...

3. Hot chicken soup eaten while it's cold. Yummmmyyyyyy...

4. Winter Wonderland. Everything's white. Even the sky looks white. White, white, white. I'm definitely gonna get my FIRST white Christmas. YES, YES, YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

5. Watching snow covering the branches of trees. Breathtaking...mmmmhhhhh...


  1. Amel,
    Thanks for the award. I will post it on my (virtual) wall immediately.

  2. Water Learner: HE HE HE...Yes, I am lucky. ;-D

    Monday Morning Power: My pleasure, Mel. ;-D

  3. Good morning kisses are the best.. umm.. except good night kisses and hello kisses and... and...


    Thank you for the new award. Hey, how do you say "thank you" in Finnish? :-))

  4. Hi, M!

    HA HA HA HA HA...Yes, kisses are WONDERFUL. Period. ;-D

    Thank you in Finnish is "kiitos". If you wanna say thank you very much, then it's "kiitos paljon" he he he...;-D

  5. Thank you soooo much Amel's Realm, for this wonderful Super Star Award.I feel truly honored.
    God bless.

  6. Surjit: UR VERY welcommmeee!!! ;-D God bless you too.

  7. Hi Amel;

    Thanks for the award, you are very sweet. This award actually comes at an interesting time considering my latest article!

  8. LS: My pleasure. Yeah, I just went to your blog a while ago and I noticed it was about Beckham he he he...

  9. My congrats, it's always good to gather awards, makes one feel quite good :P

  10. Yes, that's true, Shan he he he he he he...

  11. Hello Girl!!!!

    Well, it is not always that someone hands me an award by calling me gorgeous :-D!!! I loved it lol!

    Congratulations for your award! You know that you deserve it :).

    Thank you so much for sharing it with me :-)))! You are a doll!

    I'll post it asap!


  12. Max: HE HE HE HE HE...Glad you loved it! ;-D And THANKS for your well-wishes. ;-D

  13. Now you're making me jealous especially about the White Christmas...he he he...just kidding!! ;D

  14. Choc Mint Girl: He he he he...Well, I HOPE someday you get to experience that. ;-D I honestly do. :-))))