Monday, November 19, 2007

Are You Covered?

Since my Dad used to work as an insurance agent, everybody in my family understands the importance of insurance. Insurance is particularly important for people in Indonesia, as most of them aren't covered well by the insurance they have to pay at work, unless they work in a VERY generous company.

When Dad first started becoming an insurance agent, he had a difficult time making people understand the importance of Family Insurance
as back then insurance companies had just started opening up. However, with some persistence, he managed to sell some insurance programs. First of all, he had to explain Insurance Plans Pros and Cons so that he could find out which program would be the most suitable for his clients.

I just found out that these days there's a new form of insurance program called Cash Back Life Insurance. Basically it means that you'll get every cent you've been paying to the insurance company at the end of your policy period. Quite an interesting offer, don't you think so? So, are you covered by a good insurance company?


  1. I just have health insurance from hubby's office....

  2. Hi Amel
    It was cheaper in India then it is here !!

  3. Random Magus: Hi, Amber! Ah, that's good, as well. :-))))

    Frasy: It was cheaper in India, eh? Well, as long as you're covered, that's good. Everybody needs insurance he he he...

  4. We have health insurance through our jobs, and also a little life insurance from work. But when we were younger and trying to get some life insurance, we had such a hard time getting any company to insure my husband because of his medical history (you might remember my blog about all that). But we finally did get one company to insure him, though it has cost us a lot over the years. That is a good reason to go ahead and get insured while you're young and healthy. Even though for us, he first got sick when he was 19.

  5. Kathy: Ah, yeah, I remember the story about your hubby's medical history. Indeed it's tough to buy an insurance with such a history, or it'll cost A LOT of money. I understand the problem. That's true about being insured while you're young and healthy! ;-D