Friday, November 09, 2007

Found It Online!!!

In relation to my earlier post, last night I browsed for Dean Koontz' books online and found one paperback book in Finnish that cost only around €7, so I'm going to order it for my hubby as a Christmas gift. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! I'm SO HAPPY HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Yesterday hubby came home and I realized he wasn't as jovial as usual. Turned out he wasn't feeling too good, and I think I've caught some of his viruses. Last night I decided to sleep longer than usual to gain more strength as I had begun to feel a slight headache during the night. Now headache's gone but I'm still going to drink my vitamin C.

Good news is that there's a group of people interested in opening a project for immigrants in this village. They're going to interview us to find out about our situation, our future plans, problems, and what they expect from the project. I honestly don't know what to expect from them, but since they're interested in interviewing foreigners, then I contacted them yesterday. They said that they'd call me to set up an interview later on. We'll see how it goes.

I've got some bad news about the full-time Finnish course. I THOUGHT it would be for sure that they'd open it. Turned out that it wasn't 100% sure depends on lots of factors. I don't know yet if they're expecting to get a certain number of students or not, but the fact that it's full-time means that some of us can't do it after all. It seems to me that there are only about 3 people so far who can make it full-time. My Brit friend can't do it full-time as she has her own home business to take care of.

I asked my closest friends to pray for of them said this, "I will, but just remember that sometimes when God closes one door, it's for your own good. He will make everything work out for your own good." Ahhhh...such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes I'm too caught up with my own plans so that I forget that His plans are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than mine, whatever they are. Sometimes I wish for something too much that I forget that He can open different doors for me, too, and that maybe He chooses to open other doors for me instead of the one I'm praying for. MANY times I forget to thank Him for closed doors. I'm SO glad I have friends who remind me of these things. ;-D

Okie it's time for me to study and in the afternoon I'll bake the apple cake. I'll take a pic of it if it turns out well HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...Have a WONDERFUL weekend, everybody!!!


  1. Hi Amel,
    Good to hear about improvements for Immigrants.I wish there was better news about your Finnish classes but you know your friend is right!
    Have fun this weekend and looking forward to pictures of the cake !

  2. Frasy: Yeah, that's true. Finally they're interested in doing something for us in this village. ;-D Yup, that's also true about my Finnish classes. ;-D

    The cake is being baked right at this moment and I can smell it already...Smells YUMMY!!! I hope it tastes as yummy as the smell ha ha ha...

  3. Your friend gave you wise advice. I'm glad you are seeing this closed door as God making a way for something else that might be in His plan. But who knows -- he might still keep this door open! We just have to trust that He knows what is best for us better than we know ourselves.

  4. Kathy: Yeah, it's not a closed door yet he he he...but at least I know that it might be closed. Imagine if I had felt sure it would be open and then they decided not to go for it he he he he...;-D Yeah, that's true about trusting Him in knowing what's best for us. Sometimes I forget to ask for what's best. Sometimes I only focus on asking what I THINK I need he he he...

  5. always so happy... I am envious hahaha

  6. Shan: Happiness is all in your head. You don't need to be envious he he he he he...;-D

  7. Amel.. I really need to read this.. you don't know how loud this post speak to my heart.

    "...but just remember that sometimes when God closes one door, it's for your own good. He will make everything work out for your own good."

    it seems that I haven't find an open door for my problem yet.. my content is hijacked.. but your post reminds me that He still in control!

    Thanks Amel..


  8. glad to hear that you found your book cheaper on line.I have a feeling that he will like it also Im sorry to hear about your Finnish Course I know you have been looking foward to it.Ill pary for you.and good luck with the interviewing it sounds like a good thing.have a good day.

  9. Trin: I'm SO SORRY to hear about the hijacker. I'm SHOCKED!!! I hope justice will be served for you!!!

    (((HUGE HUGS)))

    Stacy: THANKS. Yeah, I'm sure hubby's going to enjoy that book he he he...Well, it's not settled yet about the full-time course, so we'll see about that still. :-))) THX for your well-wishes. ;-D

  10. Hi Amel...

    Yes, things have a way of working out.. with your positive attitude I am quite certain they will!

    You apple cake is making me hungry!



  11. Jennifer: THANKS!!! ;-D I'll put some pics of the cake and the recipe later on. It turns out to be FINE he he he...

  12. Does your hubby read your blog? Or he's going to find out what he's getting for Christmas!

  13. Good Luck on your finnish course and that battle with flu!

  14. Good for you!! Now your hubby will have to buy something special for you as well...he he he...Sorry to hear about your classes, though. Hope they will proceed as scheduled, and of course, I really hope you are in great shape. :)

    Anyway, you have a very wonderful friend who knows what to say and her words were indeed spiritual and inspiring.

    Last but not least, happy baking!! ;)

  15. Amel, all the best to your Finnish course & hope you are feeling better today?

    Wow, you bake? Cant wait to see it :):)

    Take Care :)

    Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

  16. Blur Ting: He doesn't read my blog, only when I tell him to ha ha ha...but he knows already what he's getting 'coz I asked him first if he wanted the book. At first I wanted it to be a surprise, but I wasn't too sure if he wanted that one or not...I just didn't like wasting money on something that he didn't want he he...

    Water Learner: THANKS, Karen! ;-D It seems I haven't caught the flu yet 'coz I have been refraining myself from kissing his lips. :-(((( It's a TORTURE, though! Sob sob...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I sure hope I won't catch hubby's flu bugs he he...THX for the well-wishes he he...

    Yup, glad to have such WONDERFUL and WISE friends. ;-D

    The cake went JUST fine. I'll post the pics later he he...

    Janice: THX for your well-wishes. I'm feeling good. ;-)))) I'll post the cake pics later!

    Choc Mint Girl: Tagged? OK then, THANKS. I'll check it out soon he he he...