Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Saturday

I haven't told you about Saturday. When we arrived at my in-laws, turned out that my mother-in-law wasn't home. She had prepared some reindeer and dessert for us, so we only needed to boil the potatoes and warm up the reindeer. She was taking a computer course. It took 6 hours. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that. She still has a spirit to learn new things even at the age of 63. I kinda missed her 'coz she only got back home at around 5 pm.

When she got back home, she had a sauna right away since it was still warm in the sauna, then she went to have dinner. Then she asked me if I was going to throw a big party on my upcoming birthday ha ha ha ha...Arttu said no. And she said, "Oh, then perhaps she'll throw a big birthday party next year 'coz she's going to turn 30 next year." On the way home, I joked to Arttu, "I ain't turning 30 next year. I'm only going to turn 18. So I still have 12 years left before I turn 30." LOL LOL!!!

Well, I dislike big parties if it's MY own party. I don't mind going to big parties if it's someone else's party. I remember that 17 is an important age in Indo 'coz some of my High School friend threw a REALLY big party. Sometimes when rich people throw a HUGE 17th birthday party, I wonder how HUMONGOUS their wedding parties will be like he he he he he he...I was invited to several 17th birthday parties of my friends and it was quite an experience. Oh I'm getting sidetracked!

Anyhow, then hubby said that Pirita's Dad was going to come over to have a game night as he was home alone. So he did came at around 9 pm and they had fun till around 4.30 am. Hubby went to sleep right away as his head lay down on the pillow and he snored loudly. LOL LOL!!!

Due to coffee, I only went to bed at around 2.30 am but I think I only fell asleep at around 3 am 'coz the boys (hubby and his cousin) were gaming outside he he he...I woke up groggily at around 10.30 am the next morning and the rest of the day went very very sleepily.

My hubby was also sleepy 'coz he woke up even earlier than I did. While watching "Breach" last night, he fell asleep for a while HI HI HI HI HI HI...Breach is based on a true story. It wasn't particularly interesting (except the fact that it was based on a true story), but what I found fascinating was the underlying concept behind it. It's about a man who looks religious and he's really loved by his family, but then he makes indecent tapes of his wife and he sells information to Russia. What bothered me was the fact that at the beginning of the story, the guy was REALLY convincing. He goes to church every day and all that jazz. It's just unnerving to see the real guy behind the mask. It makes me wonder about what kind of masks people wear every day.

I think in the blogosphere people are more honest than in real life, so I'm not saying that I'm suspicious of anyone here, OK? I'm just saying that the movie made me wonder about people in general. The movie reminds me that there ARE people that are REALLY good at hiding behind their masks out there and we shouldn't be too naive.

Okay, now it's time for me to visit your blogs and then do my homework again. Let me also write my 3BT post here he he he...

1. Found CHEAP oranges on a discount! So they're MUCH cheaper ha ha ha ha...Only €0.79 per kilo! YIIIHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

2. Sold some beer cans and bottles, so I felt entitled to use the money to buy some frozen spring rolls. YES YES YES!!! I've been wanting to buy them, but they were expensive (today they're on a discount).

3. Bought two strawberry doughnuts. It was HEAVENLY!!!!!! ;-D
(OK, OK, I'm a food buff, so I talk about food a lot in my 3BT posts LOL!!)

4. Getting SO MUCH food again from my mother-in-law. She's really AN ANGEL HE HE HE HE HE HE...

5. Being able to spend time reading at her house while hubby took a nap. I LOVE having my me time! ;-D

6. Enjoying spectacular winter views on Saturday. Mmmmmhhhh...LOVE this place to bits!!!! ;-D

7. Hearing hubby tell me "You're the best" again. YUMMY!!!! *grin*


  1. I don't know how you stay up so late! I guess I did it when I was younger, but now it's like my body is on a schedule and it just shuts down at a certain time every night. At that point, if I get still, it's over!

  2. Hi, Kathy!

    HE HE HE HE...Actually my body's worse than when I was a teenager. Back then I could stay up late and I could still function with only 6 hour-sleep for two days in a row...but nowadays I need 8 hours of sleep. If I lack sleep tonight, then I need to sleep more the next day he he he...

  3. Oi Mel...gua rasa, blogshpere juga reflects the real world, as in, ada juga yg palsunya. And for some, it is so much easier to build certain image by writing. Kadang kerasa, ada yg asli, ada yg agak gamang, ada yg kerasa hiding behind words.
    Tapi, from another view, blog world juga lebih transparan - misal, buat gua aja, ngasih pujian ternyata jauh lebih gampang lewat tulisan. Somehow, typing that down, rather than saying it upfront is easier. Sama kaya ngungkapin feeling. Aneh ya?
    Anyway, kayanya gua kudunya compare more systematically, tapi males mikir oi hehe...

  4. Hey Amelia,

    So, your mom-in-law is taking a computer course? That is so good for her :)!

    I know what you mean about huge parties: I don't like throwing them either (specially if it's my birthday) but unfortunately no one in my family respects my wishes, and they always end up by throwing considerable parties lol *nodding*.

    In Indo 17 is debut age? Here we debut at 16, and families throw huge parties to introduce the girls to society *nodding*. In Brazil is at 15.

    Nice post :).


  5. Your mom-in-law is a good example. I'll try to teach or show my mom how to use the computer one of these days. ;)

    He he...maybe this year you can throw a huge party in the blogosphere because it's your lucky number 2929...I think I'd buy a lottery this week ha ha ha...

  6. I agree with you that bloggers are more honest... we really reveal ourselves when we write. It's hard to hide any secrets really cos they will surface one way or other in our posts.

  7. Fei: I hear you, Girl. THX for your two cents. ;-D You're right that it's easier to give compliments when writing them down rather than speaking the words out loud he he he...

    Max: Yeah, it's a crash course, I think...only for a few days, but 6 days per day he he...

    Oh your family always end up throwing a pretty big party for you? LOL LOL!!! Gotta love 'em he he he...

    Debut age in Portugal is 16??? Interestinggg! ;-D Glad you enjoyed my post he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: He he he parents can't use the computer, either ha ha ha ha ha...

    A huge party in the blogosphere? Maybe I will. We'll see what I'll do he he he he he...GOOD LUCK on the lottery he he he...

    Blur Ting: Yeah...that's right...if you keep on reading and if there's mismatched info, you'll realize it right away he he he...