Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In The Mood or Not?

Just finished watching Ratatouille with my hubby. It was funny. I LOVED it!!! And I'm on my pill free week right now, so I was feeling sentimental (my period'll probably start tomorrow) and shed a few tears while watching the movie he he he he he...

Do you rely on your moods when choosing a movie to watch? I do!!! I've tried watching a movie when I don't really feel like watching that type of movie, and the result is always negative (I either get distracted or bored in the middle of the movie). Today I was really in the mood to watch a cartoon and gladly we finished downloading Ratatouille just this afternoon, so I was SO happy for that! We laughed a lot during the movie. *grin* And of course we held hands all the time ----> it's become a habit.

One thing I like about holding hands with my hubby is that his thumb sometimes grazes my thumb or rubs my other finger. Mmmm...DELICIOUS!!! *drool*

Most of the time, my mood and his mood are similar, so that's good. Yesterday we were in the mood to watch a Japanese horror he he he...It's called Apartment 1303. Unfortunately it wasn't too good and hubby guessed the story already from the beginning he he he he he he he he...

There's one thing I've been wondering about though...how come in lots of horror movies (either Hollywood or Asians), the ghosts are mostly women or little kids? And most of them have loooonnngggg hhaaaiiiiirrrr he he he he...Is it because "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" LOL!!

OK, I'll end this here. To my friends, don't wonder if sometimes you read something weird in my blog. I'm trying to find some income from blogging, so I sometimes write posts to get money. ;-D

P.S. Almost forgot to add...I have this bad habit that makes my hubby confused. We download lots of movies and put them in our HD. Some of the movies are dramas, which he refuses to watch with me (not his type of movies, unless it's box office that everybody watches like Titanic). However, I have this bad habit of watching half of a movie and then I'll leave it for weeks or even months ha ha ha ha ha ha...He can't understand it. Do you have this bad habit, too? ;-D


  1. I sorta do that, but not on purpose. I just have a bad habit of falling asleep and never seeing the end of movies. My husband has finally accepted that I'm going to fall asleep and he doesn't get mad about it anymore.

  2. PPP tends to decrease viewership, so it's a trade off, money vs viewership.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your movie.

  3. Are you part of the revolution?

  4. I can't watch a movie at home cos I get so distracted by other things to do. It drives my kids crazy when I get up every few minutes to check my mail or do something.

  5. I like that show too!! Watched it with hubbs but in the cinema. :-)

    You and hubs so romantics huh? I am happy for u.

  6. Sometimes we get like that, If a movie doesn't catch my attention I won't watch it. Hey I tagged you for a health and beauty meme. go to my page to see it.

  7. Kathy: Ah, you're just like my sister-in-law. She told me that she always fell asleep in the middle of a movie he he he...

    Mother Hen: Yeah, I'll try to write nice posts in between he he he...

    Click Here To Know More: Sorry, not interested.

    Blur: Ahhhh...too distracted, eh? I understand how your kids are feeling he he he he...

    WaterLearner: You saw it too? Yeah, it was fun, isn't it? Yeah, my hubby's pretty romantic, I guess he he he...

    Kasper: So you're like that, too? Hey, THANKS for the tag. I'll go check it out soon! ;-D

  8. He he he...I guess no one would watch a movie with male ghosts!! Just kidding!! I would.

  9. Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA HA HA...Really? Hmmm...