Thursday, November 08, 2007

Winter Wonderland

This afternoon I went out to buy some grocery, including some apples as tomorrow I'm going to bake the apple cake for my father-in-law. I dropped by a bookstore downtown, as well. I wanted to find out if they had a Finnish version of the latest Dean Koontz novel, Odd Thomas. Even though hubby's English is good, he wants to read the Finnish version. He's a HUGE fan of Dean Koontz. He says that he likes reading Koontz better than Stephen King. I thought that I could buy him the book as a Christmas gift from me. ;-D

Anyway, turned out that the bookstore had a Finnish version, but they didn't have a paperback one. The paperback one was in English (€10.90). The bad news was that the price of the hard-cover Finnish version of Odd Thomas cost €35.00. YIKES!!! I told them that I'd wait for the paperback version. There's NO way I'm going to buy a novel THAT expensive no matter how good it is. They said that it might be that expensive since it was brand new.

Tomorrow hubby's planning to have another game night with his cousin, Pirita's Dad. Next Friday there'll be a pikkujoulu (office Christmas party) and he's going away to Rovaniemi with his coworkers and boss. This year they didn't let the employees' wives to go with them, so I'm gonna be home alone from Friday till Saturday. Hmmmm...maybe I should plan a party or something. Too bad you blogger friends of mine live SO FAR away from me. Otherwise I could organize a pyjama party for us girls or something he he he...

At first I was SO sad about his going away to Rovaniemi. I was sad not because he was going away to have a party with his coworkers, but because I WANTED SO MUCH to go back to Rovaniemi and browse around the city. I also wanted to go back to the hotel where we stayed in back in 2004 as they served VERY TASTY steaks. I WANT to eat that steak again he he he...But my hubby, the ever pragmatic guy, said this when I wailed about the steak, "But maybe they don't serve that kind of steak anymore." GRRRRRRRR!!!!! I DO NOT CARE. I WANT to go back there again someday. Period. HE HE HE HE...

I want to go back to Santa Claus Village and take some pics with Santa and also I want to roam around the city a bit to see what they have in store there (esp. to a big bookstore!!!) he he he...

Oh yeah...let me teach you some Finnish words/phrases:

1. Joulu = Christmas
2. Pikku = small
3. Hyvää Joulua! = Merry Christmas! or Seasons Greetings!
4. Joulukuusi = Christmas tree
5. Kuusi = fir or spruce tree
6. Jouluaatto = Christmas eve
7. Kiitos = thank you

OK, I'm gonna try to study Finnish now! ;-D


  1. Talking about Finland, I heard on the news about those school kids who got shot. What is going on in the world?

    But work hard and learn those words :D

  2. Shan: Yeah, I was going to post something about it 2mrw. You're right. Some people have gone REALLY insane!!!! Tsk tsk tsk...

    I WILL work hard in learning Finnish, thanks! ;-D

  3. Oh, I think I read a few Dean Koontz books a few years ago. If he's the author I'm thinking about, those books are really weird! But very interesting.

  4. "Kiitos"...that's cute. :)

    Finnish words are very different and difficult...but it's much easier to learn any foreign language if you live in that country, right?! And I believe you CAN do it...;)

  5. Kathy: HA HA HA HA...Really weird, eh? I've never read any...well, just half a book, actually, but it was pretty good. ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah...Finnish words are difficult indeed, but there are some similar words to English, too. I'll tell you later. Indeed it's much easier to absorb new words when you live in the country itself. THANK YOU for your faith, Buddy!!! ;-D

  6. Hi Amel! Hopped from Crystal aka Choc MInt Girl's blog:)

    Kiitos for teaching us some Finnish words. The only word I know is 'Kimi Raikkonen'.

    I love Joulu:)

  7. Nessa: Hi, Nessa! THX for dropping by! ;-D HE HE HE HE HE...Yeah, Kimi's very famous, eh? ;-D And yeah, I LOVE Joulu as well. ;-D