Friday, November 30, 2007

Movie Reviews

OK, so here are some movies we've seen lately.

1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

We saw it last night and it was great. At least not as dark as the Prisoner of Azkaban he he he he...I teased my hubby by saying that I'd tell him who died in the sixth book and what's going to happen at the end of the seventh book. I never read the books, but my friends who've read the books have told me about the ending he he he he...Hubby doesn't like knowing the ending, so I didn't tell him. I JUST LOVE TEASING HIM HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Personally speaking, do you like knowing the ending of movies before watching them? Of course for thrillers or horror stories, it would be HORRIBLE to know the endings, but personally I don't mind knowing the endings of other types of movies he he he...

2. Blood Diamond.

Now this movie is really heart-wrenching. At the end of it there was this text "There are still some thousands of children soldiers in Africa". Oh dear...I think it's one of the most cruel things on earth: brainwashing kids to be soldiers. In the movie, they're also drugged by the crazy militants.
This movie also reminds me of humans' greed and political issues and what people could do to others when they are blinded by their own ambition. I recommend this movie to anyone.

3. The Invisible.

This movie is quite okay as you can't really detect the ending. One thing for sure is that by watching this movie, I realize even more the impact of parents and environment towards children. Plus the impact of the choices we make in our lives.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

We saw it weeks ago, but we missed the ENDING!!!! Gladly later on hubby realized that there was still a continuation of the movie after the credits!!! Isn't it crazy? I thought the movie ended with the separation of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner at the beach he he he he...Turned out they had a kid later on!!!! ;-D


  1. I like knowing when it's a tense movie. I mean, I want to know the hero or heroine doesn't die so I can relax and enjoy the story. :-)

    I have something for you..

    (((((BIIIIIG HUG)))))))

  2. Hi, M! you prefer it that way when watching tense movies, eh? Interestingggg!!! ;-D I like being tensed during the movies, though ha ha ha ha ha...

    Glad the sock arrived safely he he he...

    (((((((BIG HUGS to you too)))))))

  3. Hi Amel,

    I love Harry Potter hehe...i watched all his movies and i read all the Harry Potter series 1 until 7. TWICE. In English version and Indonesia version hehe.. Maybe later i will try in Dutch version :)

  4. Hi, Jul!

    You read them all TWICE in English and Indo? WOW!!! Yeah, it's a good idea to try reading them in Dutch, esp. since you love them so much he he he...

  5. Thank you for leaving a post on my blog and for your encouraging words. I recently saw the Potter movie and thought it was pretty good. I've also seen American Gangster. If you've seen it, what did you think about it?


  6. Hi, John!

    UR welcome. Just KEEP IT ALL UP! ;-D I'm afraid I haven't seen American Gangster, but now I'm curious about it he he he...

  7. I've read all the Harry potter books and seen all the movies I just love them. I haven't seen any of the other movies.

    I believe I went thru post partem depression after both of my kids. It sucks. I just snapped out of it one day.

  8. Havn't really seen the other movies but heard that are good.

    However, the Blood Diamond was tops hey... Top class acting and storyline.. Loved the bar scenes!

  9. Hi Amel,

    Yes i read all of them TWICE hehe.. but the last book of harry i just read 1 in english version. I hope next year when i am go home, there is already Indonesia version and i buy and bring here :)

    I will read in dutch version. Someday hahaha..

  10. I've seen all the Harry Porter's movie. I don't like knowing the ending as well... :)