Thursday, November 22, 2007

Homework, Dream, Christmas Lights

Yesterday my Finnish teacher gave us homework. We are supposed to write her either a letter or a diary. She wants to know how far our Finnish ability actually is. Hmmm...I think I'll go with the diary form instead of a letter. That way I can tell her how my days are until our next lesson on Tuesday. I'm not going to ask for my hubby's help 'coz it's called cheating he he he...I was actually hoping to write something in class instead of at home. Why? Because it'll reveal our true ability even better than if we have time to open up our grammar books at home before we write something. Oh well...let's see what I can come up with he he he he...I feel like I'm going to cheat anyway 'coz I'll look up some words in the dictionary and I'll browse the grammar in my grammar books, but I guess it's only natural for a beginner to do, eh?

Enough about that. This morning I dreamt of my Mom's knee again. In my dream, she started feeling pains again on her knee and I woke up worried. So I sent an SMS to my brother, asking him if our parents were fine. He said that my Mom was a bit under the weather last week. I told him that if she doesn't get well soon, she should go to the doctor right away. My Mom is such a "naughty" woman. If she feels that she can still handle any pain or illness, she doesn't want to go to the doctor. Once it's all BEYOND her ginormous strength, then she'll finally reluctantly go to the doctor. GRRRRRRRRRR!!! That's caused us to worry about her over the years. She's a REALLY strong woman with such a high threshold of pain, but still if a doctor can help her out, why suffer, right? That's what doctors are for he he he he...

Two days ago hubby came back home with a box of Christmas lights for our balcony. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! I'm SO HAPPY about it!!! I'll take a pic once he puts the lights on our balcony, OK? We won't put up a Christmas tree, so having some balcony lights would be nice. I've seen our neighbour put up his balcony lights even from weeks ago!!!

One funny thing was that before I moved here, I had always thought that the temperature would be "steady". I mean if it went down to -20'C, then the next day and whole week's temperature would range around that degree. I was wrong. It could go up and down pretty quickly, actually. Today it's only 1'C and it's snowing outside. I once asked my hubby, "Hey, I thought it could only snow when it's below 0'C!"

He said, "Well, up in the sky it IS colder than 0'C!"

Oh didn't cross my mind HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

OK, now I have to go to the library to return a book and buy some milk and then I'll go visit your blogs he he he he he...Oh, and I have to do my homework as well...have to write daily he he he he...


  1. X'mas light...that would surely boost up the X'mas Spirit!! Yayyyy!!!

    Good luck with your 'Finnish' diary!! :)

  2. Choc Mint Girl: YEEEESSSSS!!! ;-D THANKS for your well-wishes. I find it TOUGH to say EXACTLY what I want to say 'coz I'm such a beginner. I wish I could just write it down in English, then I can probably write down a short story for her to read HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  3. I'm sure you'll do well for your homework.

  4. Blur Ting: THANKS!!!! I DO want to impress my teacher HA HA HA HA HA...