Monday, November 19, 2007

Summer 2008 Plans

One of my closest friends who now lives in the USA is planning to visit us next year during summer break. She's just started working as a substitute teacher, so she's going to have a long summer break next year. Oh, I forgot to tell you that by "us", I mean me and my other closest friends who also live in Europe.

One of us lives in Holland with her hubby. Another one lives in Germany 'coz she got transferred there from Bandung. So my USA friend is planning on visiting all of us. I sure hope it's going to happen. At first I was planning on meeting my USA and Dutch friend in Helsinki, but on second thoughts, it'd cost too much for me. I still haven't got any regular income, so I can't spend too much money. So I told my USA friend that she's welcome here in Sodankylä. I told her that we'd be able to pick her up in Rovaniemi if she comes here. After all, if she comes here, she HAS to spend a few days in Rovaniemi as it's a big city and it has many more tourist attractions, such as Santa Claus Village.

My Dutch friend suggested my USA friend to visit other nearby European countries as well, but it's going to take so much planning. My USA friend said that personally speaking, she actually wanted to taste our lifestyles and she wasn't really interested in visiting too many countries at once by spending only a few days in each country.

I just hope that my hubby's one-month summer holiday from work happens at the same time as my friend's trip here, so we can go anywhere easily he he he he he...It's going to be SO MUCH fun!!! ;-D I haven't met my USA friend since she got married in July 2006.

My Dutch friend said that she would come here someday in winter 'coz she wanted to try out our winter activities he he he...
My German friend has also told me that she's interested in visiting Lapland someday. There's no real plan yet, but it's going to be SO NICE to meet either of them again!!! ;-D

The other day I begged my hubby to go back and visit Rovaniemi someday, perhaps on his long holiday next summer. If it happens that my USA friend is coming here for sure during my hubby's summer holiday, then we can spend a night or two there along with my friend, so it's gonna be easier for them to get around with our car. ;-D

Plans, plans,'s not even Christmas yet, but it's SO EXCITING to talk about plans to meet old friends, eh? ;-D


  1. all of that sounds like so much fun i bet you cant wait. i hope all your plans work out good luck:)

  2. THANKS, Stacy! Yeah, I hope everything works out well next year he he he...;-D

  3. That should be fun.
    We hope to go back to Europe one of these days, it has been years since we last went.

  4. Mother Hen: Yeah, that's true. ;-D Yeah, you should visit Europe again then, and perhaps come and visit me too HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...LOL!!!

  5. You have a lot of friends! These are all friends from Indonesia? So, is it common for Indonesian women to end up in different countries like you have done?

  6. Oh, you know what? It's going to be so so nice. Last year, my kids and I went to visit Mother Hen and she brought us around for 1 whole week. My kids said that was the BEST holiday they have ever had in their lives.

    Nothing beats a holiday like this where you see your best friends again, and get to spend time and enjoy activities together.

  7. Great plans!! Eh, you meant 2008 right?

  8. I hope everything going well for u and ur plans :)

  9. WoW! That would be so much FUN reuniting with your closest friends. :)

  10. Kathy: Yeah, all the three girls are my friends from Indonesia. We met at school he he...Hmmm...I think these days it's more common for Indo women to end up in different countries.

    Blur Ting: and your kids visited Mother Hen last year? That's AWESOME!!! ;-D Yeah, that's true about meeting best friends he he he...

    WaterLearner: OOPS!!! Where did my mind go?!?!?! I must've been in a hurry ha ha ha ha...

    Juliana: THANKS, Jul! I hope so too! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Yup!!! That's gonna be AWESOME! ;-D