Friday, November 30, 2007

Sweet Sweet Romance

Romance. I think everyone knows the importance of romance in a relationship. However, not everybody is romantic enough for his/her partner.

When I went MyLotting the other day, I read a discussion where a woman complained that her new boyfriend wouldn't say "I love you" to her, even though she had said it first. Apparently it was awkward for him to say those words or even wrote them down. But after she explained how important it was for her to hear or read those words (in SMSes), he started improving himself in that department. Sweet!!! ;-D Don't most women love romance?

I read this romantic game for couples which I'd love to share with you. I can imagine playing it with my hubby, especially since I love to see the twinkle in his eyes whenever I say something sweet to him.

My hubby and I also never said sweet words verbally before we were together. Both Finns and Indonesians aren't big on saying sweet words like that. My parents never said those words to each other, but ever since I was a kid, I had this deep wish of being able to be romantic to each other with my future spouse. It definitely took some effort, but it's all worth it in the end. Now I'm getting everything I want from a relationship, but hey, wouldn't hurt to learn new romantic ideas to spice up our lives, right? *wink* There's always room for improvement, anyway, and I want to make the best out of everything.

Speaking of relationships, I remember when I broke up with my first boyfriend. It wasn't easy to get over a break up even though I knew the relationship couldn't last and even though I knew he was wrong for me. However, I think what's most important from a "failed" relationship is the fact that we learn from it, don't you think so? I think that we can learn more about ourselves when we're in a relationship (any kind of relationship for that matter, but particularly from a romantic relationship).

Hmmmm...back to romance...maybe I should send this link to my hubby via email so that he would remember to ask me out on a romantic date every once in a while. ;-D After all, I heard from lots of people that having a date with your wife or husband even after years of marriage is one of the most important aspects to spice up romance. For those of you who've been married long enough, do you remember to have a date every once in a while with your spouse? And does it spice up your relationship?


  1. Amel,
    I think you do a great job of picking topics. Everytime I come to your blog, there is something good to read. I remember that I didn't really fall in love until I was 28. I had relationships before that. Some of them were even "2nd best" relationships where you meet a woman, you date, decide nothing is going on, and wind up being friends.
    Do you remember when you were younger and you imagined that love could be something great? I do. & to a certain extent I was right. It's can be exhilirating, hopeful, optimistic - all that same time. I've witnessed that in the last 16 yrs.
    I want to be honest. Right now, Maribeth and I need each other a lot more than we love each other. We are the parents of 3 wonderful kids, but we have decided not to remarry, but we are still living under the "same roof". There's been times I have extended a hand out to her. She's let it be know in her blunt (it's not bad to be blunt) way that she doesn't want that right now. I realized that she doesn't love me much at all when I was finishing my 3-part series in my blog.
    But you and others on this blog believe in God. So do I, and that is my one consolation. We work at being parents and realize that Brianna, our youngest, won't be 18 until 2019.
    When you think about it, that's a pretty long time to make up. So I pray. God has created one miracle in us even being back together. I pray that maybe in the next 12 years, there may be another one.
    The nice thing about Maribeth (among several or even many) is that she has agreed to go up to WI to celebrate Christmas with my family.
    It's a nice big house that you can put a couple families in. I want to get her a nice present. Yet, I'm not overly optimistic and thinking everything will be fine after she opens her gift. This will take time.
    So, I'm sorry for talking SO MUCH about me when this blog should be about you. I really am happy for you, your husband and family. It's good to enjoy it.
    Romantic love is a wonderful thing. I would go so far as to say that if you never experienced it, it would be like merely living half of a life only.
    Take care to you and your readers. Hope you can visit my blog sometime.

  2. Hi, Vince!

    I do check out your blog every once in a while. So you've written down a new post? I'm coming to you then he he...

    Glad you enjoyed my posts. ;-D And don't worry about leaving me a LONG comment. I LOVE IT! I LOVE reading about other people's experiences. ;-D

    Yeah, you're right about praying. God can change even the hardest, coldest heart and turn bad things into good things. :-))) I wish THE BEST for you and Maribeth. And I agree with you that being blunt (or open) isn't bad. At least that way you know where both of you stand.

    It's GREAT that you stay together for the kids. :-))) And I'm GLAD to hear that you're going to celebrate Christmas together with your family!!!!!!!! :-D GOOD LUCK in everything, Vince!

  3. hei Mel! Gua belon liat linknya (biasa, lagi skimming here n there tea dengan kecepatan kilat, haha!), tapi langsung dicopy paste n kirim ke Itsy, huehehehehehhh...

    Hmmm...mungkin sengaja ga usah gua bukalah biar dia weh inisiatif hihihi... Kemaren krn dia lagi sakit, gua yg pegi belanja kan, terus beliin coklat Swiss (yg akhirnya abis setengah ama gua krn enak pisaaaannn...n dia kan kudu diet hihi..) n beliin aftershave hohoho...

    Duuuuhhhh meni guaring pisan cuacanya...lagi bikin laporan, hiks hisk...muallleeezzzz...jadi malahan browsing* resep buat besok... >__<

  4. Fei: HA HA HA HA HA...You sent it to Itsy? OK then. ;-D

    Poor Itsy's sick? Hope he gets well soon then!!! Swiss chocolate? YUMMY!!! After I got here, Arttu's influenced me to enjoy more chocolate. I've never eaten this much chocolate in my life HE HE HE HE...

    Well, ENJOY cooking/baking tomorrow then! ;-D