Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Let Ambition Devour You!

I know a guy who should've been VERY successful in life. He had everything he needed to succeed. He is a good marketing agent, smart, outgoing, and he can approach people easily with his confidence and positive aura. Too bad he let his ambition ruin everything he had.

He used to be one of my Dad's agent when Dad became an insurance leader. This guy had a decent house, a decent car, a beautiful wife who was a wonderful seamstress, and two kids. He was pretty tall for an Asian and he had broad shoulders. His voice was so pleasant on the ears and it seemed as if he had the future in his hand.

He moved to a different insurance company and became a leader there, then Dad lost contact with him for a few years. I once had a dress made by his wife (she works from home). She was such a gifted seamstress. Everything was SO neat and tidy and she used the best buttons and everything. Of course that meant that her service cost a lot he he he he he...

Anyway, a few years back he met Dad again. He said that he had resigned from that insurance company because of some problems and they didn't pay him his last salary. Naturally Dad felt sorry for him. He said that he had just started his MLM business, so he asked if my Dad was interested in becoming his downline. Dad said that he wanted to hear more about it. They met and he was hooked right away by his glowing explanation, so he joined him as his downline. After all, he was SO convincing and he had a brand new car as if to testify that he had done well in this MLM business.

Since the MLM paid people in US dollars and Dad didn't have a US dollar bank account, this guy promised Dad that he'd transfer the money to his bank account and then he'd cash it for Dad. Dad agreed.

The first time Dad got payment, he delivered it right to our doorstep. However, the second time around, he was no longer able to be contacted. In fact, he had promised Dad that he would help him find other downlines, but Dad hadn't been able to contact him for some time. It was as if he had vanished from the face of the earth.

Then Dad found out from another person that the guy had actually twisted the story about the insurance company. He had actually been fired by the company due to something and he OWED the company some money! Dad contacted his wife to ask about his whereabouts, and his wife said that he didn't know where he was and everything was ruined 'coz of his ambition. He had sold their house and rented a bigger house. And since he couldn't pay for his new car (he bought the car on credit), he had to return it. And now everybody kept on calling his wife while he went MIA to ask for their money. She said that she didn't know anymore what to do and she was so confused. And what about his teenage kids who need A LOT of money for their education?

I don't know how his life is like nowadays or where he is, but his story provides a HUGE lesson for me.
Ambition is necessary in life and sometimes it's important enough to propel us to "greatness", but beware of it!!! Don't let ambition devour you! Besides, there are far more important things in life than getting a bigger house or buying a more expensive car. I feel so sorry for him and his family. I hope he can get back on the right track and start his life afresh.


  1. It's a good lesson. Thanks for telling this story. I know a couple of people like that too. One of them lost all her money (few million) within a space of one year because of greed. It's a long story but pretty similar one.

    Btw, do you speak dialect, like hokkien or teochew?

  2. Blur Ting: Glad you enjoyed this post. :-))) Yeah, greed can really ruin everything.

    Unfortunately I can't speak any Chinese dialect he he he he he...I only know a few words.

  3. Wow, that's a pretty sad story. I hope your dad didn't lose too much through it all. But, good advice you gave about ambition.

  4. I feel so bad for his wife and children, I hope they, and your father, didn't suffer too badly at the hands of this man.

  5. Kathy: Gladly my Dad didn't lose too much. :-)))

    Fish: Don't worry about my Dad. But yeah, I also wonder how his wife and kids are doing right now. It must've been hard on them. :-(((