Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Hate Termites!!!

Last year my parents and brother started renovating the pavilion (the side of my parents' house) so that it would be ready to use when my brother gets married. The second floor of the house had wooden floor boards that were 30 years old already. We thought that the floor boards were still good, so we decided to keep them. Besides, my parents and brother only had a limited budget to renovate the first and second floor of the side of the house.

Once the renovation was done, we started hearing some noise on some parts of the floor boards. Then we realized that we had a termite problem! They were so loud that we were afraid they would eat up all the floor boards in no time, so finally my brother contacted a company specialized in killing termites.

They came by to find out which termite it was and how much it would cost to get rid of it. They decided to use termite baits to kill them. So they injected the baits into the floors on the first and second floor. In a few weeks, gladly we stopped hearing noises on the floor boards and my brother could continue decorating the room. Phew!!!

Termites are really scary, you know? If you want to know how to protect your house from them, go here: Termite Protection.


  1. We don't have termites but I like having the information just in case.

  2. Kasper: Yeah, 'coz they're really nasty!!! Ugh...I shudder whenever I remember the noise they made. :-((((

  3. Eeek. Termites do not sound like they are any fun. Hope the Finnish classes are still going well. Fish x

  4. Fish: Welcome back, Fish! Yeah, termites are incredibly nasty! Uuuugghhhh!!! :-(((