Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Want to Visit Spain!

Ever since two friends of mine visited La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, I've been drooling over their holiday pictures. La Sagrada Familia is really an amazing piece of artwork. You can view the pictures of this magnificent building in the above link. I can't believe that the building was first built in 1882 and it is still unfinished. Do you know that it's only expected to be finished in 30 to 80 years from now? Goodness!!!

I've also seen pictures of Magic Fountain, which I also want to visit, as well. Imagine watching a HUGE musical fountain with amazing display of lights! Must be breathtaking! I'm daydreaming of going there with my husband one day, perhaps to enjoy our second honeymoon. It would be SO much fun!!!

Anyway, I didn't know that Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain. Did you know about this? Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Picasso's paintings since I'm more interested in impressionism. How about you? What kind of artwork or paintings do you like best?


  1. hmmm yeah ive been to spain..tho im not really a fan of picasso.. i am a fan of other spanish painters tho..rafael..etc...

  2. Jyankee: Lucky you!!! That you've been to Spain, I mean he he he...Ah, you're a fan of Rafael, eh? COOL!!! ;-D THX for dropping by again he he he...

  3. Hi Amel;

    I would love to go to Barcelona (or anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula), Spain is one of the few European countries I have not been to. I would love to go see their soccer (football) team (I quickly went and put my “Barca” jersey on so I could wear it while talking to you about this, it enhances the experience lol).

    Picasso is not my fave, good but not that good…I like some Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Monet, Manet, El Greco, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, and actually a LOT more…

  4. LS:!!! Yeah, I know Barca team he he he...Indo people also LOVE wearing their fave soccer team's T-shirt he he he he...

    My fave painter is probably Monet he he he he...;-D I bought a book on his paintings and his life, but I left it back in Bandung as it's too heavy he he he...I LOVE gazing at the pictures for a LONG time mmmmmm....

  5. OMG Mel...gimana mau ngikutin, hari ini doang lo post ampe lima??? >:O Gua terbengong*...kok bisa*nya lo ada waktu ngeblog sebanyak itu...tsk...tsk...tsk...

    Anyway, I'm suuuurrrreeeee you'll be able to go to Spain one day ;). I'll trrryyyy my best to make blog out of it - like the Paris blog. My ambition is my fall, hihihi...

    Sometimes I wish I'd get lost in the forrest with nothing but a solar laptop with internet connection. Then I'll be forced to let the creative juices flow into cyberspace, hahaha!!

    About your question on art...not so sure, there's so many I admire for different reasons. Paintings that I like either has very fine and lively details, or looks like an explosion of creativity - or the minimal look twice and you'll see what's hidden.

    The first requires you to look at the real thing, flat pictures don't convey even 1/100th of the glory, the second always keeps in in awe of how the mind knows no border, and the third gets me into a contemplative mood - but most of the time you'd have to read about the artist/painting first before you get to appreciate the subtlety.

    But this is my view as a novice art viewer, haven't seen enough galeries to really decide what I like :D

  6. I have worked in Barcelona before. Yes, the cathedral is magnificent. Careful of your belongings while you are there though.

    Have a good time. Drop by other Europe countries also. Summer is the best time to go.

  7. Fei: LOL LOL!!!! ;-D I'm unemployed, so I have all the time in the world to blog he he he he...Yeah, I'm positive about being able to travel later on in my life! ;-D

    THANKS for sharing your view on art he he he...

    WaterLearner: Oh, have to be careful of belongings? OK then. THX for the warning, Karen! ;-D Yeah, I'll definitely travel in summer, I think he he he he...but maybe in the far future, not soon he he he...