Thursday, November 22, 2007

10 Years From Now

Inspired by Blur Ting's post entitled Daydream Believer, I decided to take the same the imaginary land. Let's think of my life 10 years from now.

First of all, my Finnish would be good (or should be at least) by then. I can communicate pretty well with my parents-in-law and I've already produced at least one kid hi hi hi...Hopefully God will let me have my own kid. By then I think I'll be busy still being a mother, 'coz after all I'm only planning to have a kid in 2-3 years from now, so if my first kid is born 3 years from now, he or she'll only be around 7. Still a handful hi hi hi hi...Or I guess kids will always be handful no matter how old they get? Hmmm...I'm not a parent yet, so enlighten me, please? ;-D

Secondly, I'll be a Finnish citizen already by then. I have to stay here at least for 4 years without any long significant break and then pass my national Finnish exam before I can apply for citizenship. Applying for citizenship may take up to a year or more, but since we're talking about 10 years from now, I'm pretty confident that I'll be a Finnish citizen by then (with God's help 'coz you know how bureaucracy is!!!).

Thirdly, I'll be living in a bigger apartment obviously 'coz we'll have a kid or kids already. I hope the apartment is a one-floor apartment so I have no neighbours above or below me, just next to me.

Fourthly, I'll either have been able to get a steady income by blogging for money or by then I'll be able to get at least a part-time job here in Finland since my Finnish is enough to get by in work places. Honestly speaking, I think it's nicer to work from home, though, especially when it's cold outside ha ha ha ha ha...I've always been better at working alone. I've never survived in a real workplace (I tried working in a garment factory once, but it only lasted for 7 weeks - I'll tell you about this later someday).

Hmmm...what else? By then my book collection will be MORE than now. I had to leave almost all my books in Bandung when I moved here, so right now I only have 12 novels. I want to read MORE!!!

Last but not least...I hope in 10 years I'll have enough savings to visit my parents at least once (hopefully they'll still be alive). If this blogging for money works well, I'll be able to save money in a few years' to go back home. I do have untouched savings (MUST NOT BE WITHDRAWN at all costs), but that's for VERY URGENT matters, i.e. if for example my parents gets REALLY sick (or even worse), then I'll go back to Indonesia right away with that money. Gotta be prepared for urgent matters!!!

Other than that, 10 years from now, I hope I can keep on feeding my inner child and stay positive and enthusiastic. I hope I can keep on cherishing all the good things in life and I always remember to count my blessings instead of counting what I don't have. I hope I still have a WONDERFUL relationship with my husband and kids 10 years from now. I hope I continue growing together with my husband and our bond gets stronger and stronger. I hope I can continue surrendering to God and relying on Him. I hope I have grown wiser and gentler then (not bitter or cynical). I hope that I can still have all of your my blogging friends by then and that I can still have time to blog when my kids are in my life he he he he he he...I just wanna lead a good life and spread sunshine and laughter. :-))))

Ahhhhhh...I just LOVE daydreaming, don't you? ;-D


  1. hi...i like ur 10 years from now posting...i know some one said if you're focus on three things in ur life..and consistent with'll achieve 80% your life goals...

  2. Dimas: THANKS for visiting my site! You're right about being consistent. Let's keep on struggling to achieve our dreams! ;-D

  3. Thanks for doing this Amel! I love your dreams. It's good to dream you know, so that we can work towards it. One thing for sure, you will continue to spread happiness around you, you little Ms Sunshine!

  4. Blur Ting: No worries. I wanted to do it right away when I read yours he he he he...Yes, it's always good to dream indeed. ;-D THANKS for your faith in me. Hope I can continue living in awareness he he he...