Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally! My Wedding Link!

Karen, this is especially for you he he he he he...

Wedding Pics

You're also welcome to view other albums of mine there he he he he he...Enjoy them! ;-D


  1. Oh WOW! You are gorgeous!! And your husband has such lovely eyes. I never noticed that before. No wonder you fell for him.

    That was a really beautiful dress, Amel. It really suited you. :-))

  2. Amel,
    You are drop dead gorgeous !!!
    I thought you were from Indonesia but are you Chinese?
    Those are great pictures!

  3. Awesome pictures, wish my wedding was like that. You two make a cute couple.

  4. Oh, you look beautiful! And so happy too :-)

    BTW, about PPP... I didn't have to wait for approval and could start blogging about 'joining PPP as a new postie' (which pays US$20). I went on and did 3 articles but today I received a mail saying that they have not been approval because I didn't follow the guidelines properly (I need to put a link within the writeup but I found it impossible to do. Maybe a glitch somewhere).

    These 2 days, I have not been able to find a good story (opportunity), so I haven't been earning. It's a chicken and egg thing, you have to write more to get higher ranking which allows you more opportunities.

    Maybe you want to apply again cos I didn't have to wait for approval. Or perhaps you can send them an email to ask?

  5. Nice! Wedding pictures are always s nice to look at :)

  6. These are gorgeous Amel, just beautiful!!

  7. Amel,
    I loved the pictures, you guys look so good together. I always wanted a wedding gown like that.

  8. thanks for sharing your wedding pics Amel! :-) I saw your family but none of them is familiar to me.. :-) Bandung is big ya! haha

  9. Amel!

    You look sooo beautiful & gorgeous! It's been one year. How about blogging about some significant moments of your one-year-old marriage?


  10. Hi, everybody!

    THX A LOT for your compliments and glad you enjoyed the pics he he he...

    Michelle: Yes, he does have such lovely eyes. I only realized it when we first met in 2004 'coz it doesn't show in every pic of him that he had sent me. ;-D

    When it comes to the dress, the gown maker showed me a couple of gowns and it was the first one she told me to try on. After trying out a few others, I knew that gown was the one for me. The gown maker said that she had picked that one first 'coz she thought it'd suit me well. So it did! ;-D She was SO right! ;-D I went there with my Mom and I could tell that she was happy with my choice 'coz she also fell in love with that one he he...

    Frasy: Yes, I'm of Chinese descendant even though I'm from Indonesia he he he he...

    Kasper: Hi, Dawn!!! I think every bride looks SMASHING on her wedding day no matter what. ;-D

    Blur Ting: HE HE HE...Yeah, well, we had been separated for 2 years and 8 months prior to the wedding, so you could imagine how thrilled we were! ;-D

    THX for your reply about PPP. I think right now I'm gonna pass on it 'coz of the coming course. I don't think I can handle more. If there were no coming full-time course, then I'd have tried it again he he he...GOOD LUCK with PPP for you!!!

    Hope there'll be better opps for you so you can enjoy it better!!!!

    Mother Hen: Yeah, I also LOVE wedding pics 'coz it represents hope and love. ;-D

    Fish: Glad you enjoyed them. ;-D

    Sindi: Now I wonder what kind of a wedding gown you wore. ;-D

    Trin: HA HA HA HA...So we're not related, eh? Yeah, Bandung is big indeed he he he he...

    Water Learner: THANKS, Karen! ;-D Significant moments of my marriage? I think I've written some down on my 3BT posts he he he...but let me think about it. It's a good idea, actually. Maybe there are moments I haven't written down.

    Well, I know there are precious funny moments that I haven't written down but they're too "intimate" to tell ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

  11. Om my you are simply stunning!! Your dress is gourgeous. It looks like you had a very fine wedding day indeed. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. :-)

  12. Shinade: Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yeah, it was a very relaxing wedding day for me and my family. ;-D

  13. Lovely!!! And I must say that I love your wedding gown and bouquet, Amel!!! ;)

  14. Choc Mint Girl: Glad you enjoyed them. Actually the bouquet was made of plastic flowers by my Dad's eldest sister. I ordered one from her he he he he...;-D