Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Brother's Love Stories

Since my brother's getting married in less than 2 weeks, I figured it'd be okay if I write down his love stories he he he...

As I've told you before, he had SO MANY FANS ever since he was in High School. Well, I think it all started even way before then, but the sporadic female fans started accumulating fast when he was in High School. He had many female friends, too, but the female fans were basically other girls. I would get envious every time Christmas came closer and he got MANY MORE Christmas cards and mostly they were from girls he he he he he...Side note: unfortunately Indo people've started sending Christmas smses than real Christmas cards.

When he was in High School, once I asked him how crazy his female fans were. He told me that one girl used to yell my brother's name in front of other students and say, "I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" My brother hated it so much he he he he he...

Then one aggressive girl started coming to our house. It was SO obvious that she liked my brother SO much. She was his classmate and she knew that I had started becoming a private English tutor, so she found a way to ask my help with their English. I did teach them English one time, prior to their exam. Then on Valentine's Day she sent my brother a chocolate cake. Yummy!!! ;-D She also sent my brother a few letters. Nowadays his girlfriend often teases him about those letters he he he he...

Then when he studied at university, he had more fans than ever!!! A few girls started calling him, telling him that they found out about him from other girls in my brother's school. Don't ask me how they got a hold of our phone number. They wanted to meet him at a mall, and my brother's friends were eager to meet them he he he he he...

During this period of time, my Mom got really worried 'coz she didn't want my brother to give "false hope" to all the girls. My brother still hadn't picked a girlfriend yet, so all the female fans were still flocking around him like bees around honey.

When my brother was at uni, he also started going to church (the church where he is now a member of). There he met many more friends, including his current girlfriend. Back then I knew they were starting to be close to each other, since he asked me to go with him to the stores to find a birthday gift for her. I remembered that day clearly. In the end we found him a small white bag and once he gave it to her, she started using that bag whenever she went to the malls. Back then I still didn't know her well, but I spotted her once in a mall with that white bag he he he he he...

However, there came a twist in the story. My brother's current girlfriend is two years his junior at the university. When he was on the third year at the uni, there was this popular and intelligent girl who caught his eye. The girl apparently liked him, too. She graduated faster since she had had good grades, so she could do the thesis a semester faster than the others. She did the thesis on a company nearby our house, and whenever she was done with it, she would drop by our house. Now this girl was VERY popular at the uni, just as popular as my brother. My brother kept on saying that every boy thought that she was SO pretty.

Anyway, she started coming by our house and my brother would give her a ride home on his motorcycle. They started becoming closer and then my brother started taking him to his church. This girl's parents live in Central Java, so he never met them before. When the girl graduated from uni, she threw a celebration party and invited my brother. There he met her parents.

After graduation, the girl moved back to Central Java and found a job there. One time she invited my brother to visit her there, so my brother did. Mind you that this is such an INTERESTING thing since my brother doesn't really like travelling, especially ALONE! It's just impossible to think that he would do that on his own, but he did. He stayed at a hotel that she had booked for him. When he got back home, Mom asked him how it was going. My brother said that they just spent time together in the hotel (don't you dare think of indecent stuff, though!!! They're not like that!), talking. My Mom had already felt suspicious about it. I mean, if her parents really liked my brother, why didn't she invite him to her house, right?

Then some time passed by and the girl kept on sending letters and birthday presents for my brother. They also spoke on the phone. Oh yeah, almost forgottttttt...back in the throes of romance between them, they used to call each other SO often each day. It was driving me crazy as he even turned the mobile on during his sleep, but whenever she called, he would pick it up no matter what. Love, oh, love...the things people do for love!!!

Anyway, I forgot which one happened first...but basically speaking, she told my brother that her parents wanted her to get acquainted with a guy that they had found good enough for her. My brother told my Mom about this with teary eyes. He said that it seemed that her parents didn't want her to be with him. My Mom comforted him by saying, "Well, probably because she's rich and she's already working while you're still studying. You've got nothing yet to prove to them and they want someone who's already got something for their daughter. Now you have to fight really hard for your own future. Prove to everybody that you can be a success, as well."

Starting then, my brother studied really hard and finally he graduated. He was still in contact with the girl via letters, but then he had started considering her as a friend. Then a church youth leader asked my brother why he didn't get closer to his current girlfriend, since they both had similar dreams. During that time, my brother was active at church, so he had also told his love story to his youth leader. Finally my brother's heart started to heal, so he started going out with his current girlfriend and they became a couple.

Even after that, the other girl kept on sending him a birthday present from Central Java and the occasional letter. Then one day came a wedding invitation. The girl was going to marry a doctor. She also wrote down a little note, saying that she would love it if my brother and girlfriend could come to the wedding and she would book (pay) the hotel rooms for them (the wedding was in Central Java). My brother's girlfriend got angry after reading the note. She said, "How dare her say those words? It's not as if we had no money to pay for our own hotel rooms. Anyway, I don't want to go there, but if you do want to go there, you can go there alone."

In the end my brother didn't go to the wedding. He only asked for another friend to bring the angpao (envelope with money in it) for the newlyweds. The weird thing was that even after her wedding, she still sent a birthday gift to my brother. She also wrote a letter to him, telling him that she was lonely there and that she missed meeting her uni friends. My Mom was SO upset by that. Mom told my brother NOT to tell his girlfriend about it, since it would probably upset her. And my brother kept his mouth shut and never wore the clothes she had sent him.

I think starting last year, she had stopped sending anything to my brother. PHEW!!! Now my brother can hopefully live happily with his future wife without any intrusion he he he he he he...I must say that Mom was right, though. If my brother had insisted on being with the first girl, then it would have been SO MUCH burden on him. I mean, it seems to me that the girl has rich parents. Imagine what will he feel like, having to meet their standards. His current girlfriend has a similar background with us (both our Moms are food sellers in traditional markets), so she's VERY understanding about everything. She never asked too much from my brother. Plus she's SO caring to my parents. I feel as if I had a younger sister. ;-D Plus she wrote an email to me the other day, saying that she missed me HEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEE HEEEEEE HEEE...

Ahem...OK then now I'll have lunch and work on my homework. I'll visit you guys later. Hope you enjoyed reading this story he he he...


  1. Hi Amel, what a long nice story :) Too bad you can not be there on there wedding :(

  2. Hi, Jul!!! That's OK. My brother knows that I can't go there but my prayer's with him he he he he...

  3. Nice story.

    I just stopped by to say "hi."

  4. WOW sounds like love. To bad you cant be at the wedding great post hope everything works out ok :)

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  6. Amel;

    Ok…this is like a gals blog….and well I’m a guy….but (looking over both shoulders) I have to say it was a lot of fun LOL

    You write so much like we are sitting together talking it makes it such a pleasure!

  7. You write so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. you have to do ameme kelcey nice story :) ;-D

  9. Such an interesting story, I actually read every single word :-)

    I am glad he found the right girl this time round. It's important for your parents to like her too.

    My younger brother was also very handsome and popular when he was younger and had so many girlfriends in the Uni. People said he looked like an actor. My mum had the exact same concerns as your mum!!

  10. I loved the story. I'm glad he got with the better girl. Loving wishes.

  11. WoW! The ex like a girl in the Indo series I watched 'Bidadari' he he he...but from your description she's not a bad girl as we don't know the real part of her stories except her parents attitude towards your bro.

    Anywayz, glad your bro moved on and pursues his love with your sis-in-law to be. :D

    This is such a wonderful story, Amel. I read it more than once. ;)

  12. It sounds like he ended up with the right one! I think their marriage will work out so much better than if he'd married the rich girl. It helps to come from similar backgrounds.

  13. Monday Morning Power: Hi, Mel! Glad you enjoyed reading it! ;-D

    Stacy: He he he...That's OK. I just hope for the same thing. ;-D

    Livingsword: LOL LOL!!! Glad you could have LOTS OF FUN here he he he...;-D

    Mr. Fong: Why, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your complimentttttt! ;-D

    Kelcey: OK, Kelcey! I'll go check it out he he he...

    Blur Ting: Yeah...he fell hard for the first girl that I felt bad for him for being rejected like that. And yeah, my parents LOVE his current girlfriend. ;-D

    Your younger brother was also like that? Yeah, I guess all Mums are worried about such a thing he he he...

    Kasper: Glad you enjoyed reading it, Dawn! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA HA HA...Bidadari, eh? ;-D Well, she's not a bad girl indeed, but yeah, she's an obedient girl. :-)))

    I'm glad my bro moved on, too! ;-D You read it more than once? That's GREAT HE HE HE HE HE HE...

    Kathy: Yep...I can't imagine the burden he had to bear if he were with the first girl. I know the girl doesn't mind being with my brother, but if her parents want more from my brother, then it's gonna be tough on him.