Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Shopping

Boy, oh, boy, Christmas is just around the corner and I can't wait to buy stuff for my family and friends here. As you all know, this is going to be my first white Christmas in Finland. Back in Indonesia, Christians don't really exchange gifts, so I'm pretty psyched about buying gifts for my new family (hubby's parents and brothers) and my new friend.

I found out just now that visiting helps me a lot in finding a diversity of merchants offering online coupons and discounted items. You can find anything you need just by vising this website. Books, CDs, apparels, pet toys, furniture, beauty products, gadgets, travel deals, you name it and you'll find them here!

I drool when I visit Amazon and find out that I can get free shipping on orders over $25. I want to buy some books for myself and also some discounted clothes for my father-in-law and my hubby. Other than that, I can order some coffee for my mother-in-law (they're also on a special offer, you know?). Finnish people LOVE their coffee and I bet they love trying out new brands of coffee. ;-D

My brothers-in-law will probably enjoy some music CDs from Sony Music Store. Plus they also offer free shipping on orders over $25! What more can you ask for, right? ;-D

And I know what my Brit friend would like to have. She has two cats and two kittens, so I'm sure she's gonna love to get some cat toys for them from Target. WHOOPPPEEE!!! Don't you love shopping when you can get REALLY cool deals or special offers? ;-D


  1. I do all my shopping day after thankgiving its a nightmare but I get alot of good deals so i cant intill then. i love shopping to :)

  2. I love to shop to and I love great deals. But we are going to have a slim Christmas this year.:( Send me some coffee he he he he! kidding

  3. Oh man, everyone's doing Christmas shopping alread. I'm a last minute shopper...

  4. I was going to do the 'Target' thing yesterday, but maybe later on...he he...Nice post, btw!! :)

  5. Stacy: That's a GOOD strategy!!! ;-D

    Kasper: Yeah, I know what you mean about a slim X-mas. I also can't afford to buy too many things. Gladly I won't have to buy gifts for too many people he he he...LOL about the coffee!!!

    Blur Ting: Well, I'm not done yet, actually he he he he...;-D Need to buy 2 more gifts. ;-D

  6. Choc Mint Girl: Hi, Crystal!!! It took me quite a while before I could finally write it down. GLAD you liked it he he he...;-D