Saturday, December 08, 2007

Air Ambulance

Air ambulance. Never thought such a service has existed for over 21 years in the United States. In Indonesia, nobody would charter air ambulance, anyway. Who would have the money to pay for it? Not normal people, I bet.

Do you know that airambulance dot net exists and that it's based in Florida? They provide domestic and international air ambulance flights with a medical team on board. Naturally the planes are also equipped with important medical equipment. After all, they will always consult the attending physician first before taking a patient on board.

I thought that an air ambulance would only be used for emergency cases only, but apparently not. This company also caters to non-emergency cases since they know that there are patients who have fractures who need to be transferred to a better hospital located far away from the one they are in right now. That makes sense! After all, if you have money and you can't even sit up, yet you have to be transferred to another hospital far away, you'd opt a more comfortable way of travelling, right?

Hmmm...I wonder how much it would cost to transfer a patient from, say Arizona to Texas? In the site it's said that the main cost would be the fuel. However, since there are plenty of air ambulances travelling from one place to another in USA, it means that if there's a patient who needs to go from A to B whereas another patient needs to go from B to A, then the cost per flight is definitely cheaper as both of them save on fuel cost! Well, I think that sounds good enough, don't you think?

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