Friday, December 28, 2007

Felt Like a Dork!

Earlier today I went to the supermarket to buy some spices 'coz I was craving for some kind of Indonesian food called "Soto Ayam" (ayam = chicken). I knew that it was probably impossible for me to cook it EXACTLY like the recipe I found online since I wouldn't be able to find all the necessary ingredients or spices, but I thought as long as I could produce a similar taste, I'd be happy.

First of all I went to a store since they had discounts. I needed tank tops for housewear and found two at a 50% discount. I also needed to buy a birthday gift for Pirita's mother who's going to throw her 40th birthday party on Friday, January 4th. I was at first thinking of buying her a package of lotion, body scrub, and stuff like that, but they proved to be expensive. If I chose a cheaper package, then the tubes would be SO TINY ha ha ha ha...

In the end I decided to buy her a warm shawl which was on a 50% discount. I was torn between choosing a dark brown one and a colourful (cheerful) one. I fell in love with the colourful one, but I wasn't sure that she was the kind of woman who liked wearing too colourful dresses. And I thought that if I bought the dark brown one, it'd be easy for her to mix and match it with any colour of clothes.

Anyway, after buying all those, I went to the supermarket and while I was busy looking for the spices, I realized there was someone near me with a child and the person was waving once, but since that person didn't say a thing, I kept on browsing at the shelves. Since I don't have many people that I know here, I don't normally browse for familiar faces anywhere, you know? BIG mistake!!!

After some time, the person called my name, "Amel!" WHOOOPPSSS!!! It was Pirita's mother and Pirita!!! (For those who're new to this blog, Pirita's Dad is my hubby's best friend and cousin) And since I was SO shocked, I didn't know what to say! I just stood there like a dork that I was and smiled at Pirita. I wanted to talk to Pirita, but then all the Finnish words flew out of my mind HA HA HA HA HA...

After some awkward silent moments, Pirita's Mom asked me if Arttu was still at work and I said yes. Then she said that she went to the supermarket with her brother and wife (or was it sister and husband?). Then somebody phoned her, so she said goodbye to me and I was relieved.

I'm really NOT good at small talk and I'm much better off with someone who's talkative so I don't have to think of anything to say HE HE HE HE...Actually I was thinking to myself to say to her, "Grocery shopping, eh?" But I didn't say it since it'd be a pretty stupid thing to say. After all, it was a supermarkkkeeettttt!!!

Oh well...maybe next time I should prepare some small talk before I go anywhere. I just hope she wasn't offended by my silence he he he he he...

Almost forgot to add: I did cook "Soto Ayam" after I went home and it tasted DELICIIOOUUUUSSSSS!!!!! It brought me back to Indo for a while hi hi hi hi hi hi...However, I don't know if Arttu will like it or not. We'll see about that he he he he...

All in all, today's been a WONDERFUL day (except for my dorky moments HA HA HA...) and my rashes are almost gone. I still feel a tad itch here and there sometimes, but it's nothing much.


  1. Hi Amel, glad to know that you are well and your rashes are almost gone. Just in time for the new year!

    I posted my new year resolution already!


  2. Hi, MT!

    Yeah, I visited your blog already just now he he he...and yep, I'm glad the rashes are almost vanquished by the antihistamine tablets HE HE HE HE HE...;-D

  3. Seeing that you are new to my blogs, I have to tell you about what I think is the best chicken around.

    If you are ever in the states, go to Barberton, Ohio and visit Milich's Village Inn. They have got the best fried chicken in the world.

    Also, I'm not the greatest when it comes to small talk either. And most people around me speak the same language.

  4. That's a funny story! But I know if felt awkward to you at the time it happened. When I see people out in public that I'm not expecting to see, I usually just say, Hi, how are you doing? And maybe, Did you have a good Christmas?

  5. 74WIXYgrad: THANKS for the tips! I'll remember that he he he...

    So you're not good at small talk, either? It can be really confusing to find nice ice-breakers, eh?

    Kathy: Yeah...I just didn't know what to do!!! People here don't normally ask "How are you doing?" to one another he he THAT slipped my mind, too HA HA HA...And I don't even remember to ask about their Christmas! DOH!!! As I said, I was a dork HE HE HE HE HE...My mind just went BLANK hi hi hi...

  6. Sooo... delicious soto ayam and of course with "sambal".... i don't know if you like spicy things or not.... :)

  7. Sooo... delicious soto ayam and of course with "sambal".... i don't know if you like spicy things or not.... :)

  8. Jeanne: Yeah, I LOVE chili sauce he he he he...and surely I love spicy food! YUMMY!!!

  9. Well, I'm not much for small talk either :P Sometimes my mind just goes blank and people just kind of stare at me, waiting for me to say something. I definitely agree with you on the liking to talk to people who are talkative, bit, definitely!!

    Well, the time is just flying by! I always seem to be saying that, but anyway, I hope 2008 is a year to remember for you, and that you'll treasure many memories from this past year. :)

  10. Luckily, she didn't see the shawl, Amel, he he...Hey, I love 'soto ayam'. :D And...I usually eat 'rojak' with 'soto' soup he he he...hmmm...yummy!!!

  11. I'm not much for small talk to and its even worse if I dont know the person very well. My mind goes blank and I'm standing there with a big dorky smile on my face LOL!!
    so I know how you feel:) and I hope she likes the shawl. I'm also happy to here your rash is almost gone :) hugs to you

  12. Katelyn: You too? Ahhhh...I know what you mean about people staring and waiting for you to say something he he...

    THANKS for your well-wishes. I'll remember many memories this year...if not, I'll just reread my posts here he he he he...You too, may you have THE BEST next year in every aspect of life! ;-d

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, gladly the shawl was tucked safely inside the shopping bag ha ha ha...

    You eat rojak with soto soup? INTERESTING!!! ;-D

    Stacy: You, too???? Now I wonder what'll happen if all of us who aren't good at small talk gather in one place HI HI HI HI HI...

    Yeah, I also hope she'll like the shawl 'coz I like it myself, but I don't wear them much he he he...

    Yep, the rashes are almost gone, THANKS!!! ;-D