Friday, December 28, 2007

Fun Quizzes Online

Everybody who's known me for a while in the blogosphere knows that I love fun quizzes. I found a new site where there are fun quizzes for everybody. Let me try some of them, then. The first quiz I tried was whether or not my blog is family friendly. Here's my result:

Another quiz they offer is: How Financially Stable Are You? and here's my result:

And here's another one I tried: Are You Going to Live To 100 Years Old? Well, not that I want to live that long, but as I said, I love doing quizzes, especially when I have free time. If you're also addicted to quizzes like me, you can try visiting the site! ;-D

67%Living to 100 Years Old

Settlement Quotes - Structured Settlements

1 comment:

  1. He he he...I also love fun quizzes!! I took one of the tests, and my blog is rated Family Friend!!! YAYYYY!!!!