Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How My Parents Raised Us: Honesty

The other day my friends and I talked about how our parents raised us. I'm going to share something funny about it and I may write more on this topic.

Anyway, ever since we were kids, Mom would tell us, "I don't want you to lie about anything. I promise that I won't get mad if you're honest with me." I confess that I had lied a few times to my parents. Back in Elementary School, after our teachers graded our quizzes, we had to get our parents' signature and got the quiz books back to our teachers. A few times when I got bad marks, I faked my Mom's or Dad's signature HE HE HE HE HE HE...Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad girl LOL!!!!

But I've gotta say that my brother really heeded my Mom's words. One time he came up to my Mom and said, "Mom, didn't you promise me that you wouldn't be angry if I were honest to you?" And my Mom naturally said yes (probably she became suspicious already by then HA HA HA HA HA...)

Then my brother said, "I got 4 on a quiz today. Here it is."

My Mom was probably a bit disappointed, but she had promised not to be angry, right? So she said to him, "That's allright. Listen up, next time you'd better study hard. Even though you got 4 today, if you get 10 next time, then your mean score would still be 7, understand?"

Side note: Ever since we were kids, Mom said to us, "I don't need you to get a 9 or 10 all the time. I'd be happy even if you get a 6. As long as you don't get red marks in your report cards, then it's fine with me." ----> I LOVE HER FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

There's another funny story about honesty. Back in Elementary School (still), on handicraft lessons, we sometimes had to make hard stuff. We couldn't possibly make them without our Mom's help ----> Mom's a VERY creative person (she's an EXCELLENT cook, she can make clothing patterns and she did make some clothes for me when they didn't have too much money to buy new ones, and she can turn scrap of fabric into something nice).

One day our handicraft teacher told us to make something hard and she told us NOT to do it with our parents' help. My Mom told me not to tell the teacher that she had helped me, and I heeded her words. Then my brother was taught by the same teacher and my Mom helped him make something. When it was time to submit the handicrafts, the teacher asked all the students in the classroom, "Did you get some help doing it?" and my brother said yes.

Yup...it seems that my Mom had really instilled honesty in my brother's heart and mind, whereas I had learnt lying by omission or white lies when necessary HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Ahem!!! *wink*

As I said before, my Mom's a storyteller. She never gets tired telling us about this story. Honestly speaking, none of us remembered about this, but I'm glad she loves telling us stories that we don't remember he he he he...


  1. Our parents mold us to who we are!

  2. I did also faked my mom signature hehehe... when i was basis school, Amel ;) And i got more punishment when my mom found out that ;)

  3. Yeah, sometimes I make my excuses because I'm telling myself that it's only white lies he he...

    Your mom is something. There were times when I was so lazy to go for the afternoon activities like sports or extra classes that I had to stay back, then, I would type a letter saying that I wasn't feeling well and asked my mom to sign he he...She would say something, but in the end she would sign it ha ha ha...

  4. Mother Hen: Yeah, that's true. She's special he he he...;-D

    Frasy: That's VERY true indeed. While talking to my friends about this topic, it dawned on me how big the impact of parents towards their children!!!

    Jul: HA HA HA HA...You, too? I think I never got caught, though, when faking signatures HI HI HI HI...at least I don't remember being reprimanded ha ha ha...

    Choc Mint Girl: I know what you mean about extra curricular activities or sports. ;-D

  5. Your mom sounds like a great person!!:) I also tell my kids that I won't be upset with them if they tell me the turth.and I stick by my word on that. cuz I feel that it builds confidence and turst between you and your child if you dont go back on your word. But once in awhile its ok to tell a little white lie as long noone gets hurt.HE!!HE!! hugs to you and your mom:)

  6. Stacy: HUGS BACCKKK!!! ;-D Yeah, my Mom's really something he he he he...and you're right about building confidence and trust. ;-D

  7. Yah, your mum's a wonderful woman!

  8. Blur Ting: If I could be half as good as she is later on, I'd be SO happy ha ha ha ha ha...

  9. i luv ur mom just reading your story!! She's truly a great and super mom!!

  10. Mey: Glad you enjoyed reading it!!! ;-D Yeah, my Mom's really a super mom he he he...

  11. Your mom did a great job with you. I have turned out to be very honest also, but I had my times as a teenager when I lied some.

  12. Kathy: THANK YOU for your compliment! :-))) Yeah, teenage years were my rebellious years, as well he he he he he...