Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Policy in Indonesia

The other day when I talked to my Mom via Skype, she told me some funny/weird stories he he he he...

First of all, in Bandung, my hometown, there's a new policy for newlyweds who are going to sign their marriage certificate in the registrar office. As I said before, in Indonesia newlyweds MUST obtain a marriage certificate first from their own religious offices (with the stamp of their church or Mosque or temple) before they can sign their official marriage certificate in the registrar office. Without the official marriage certificate, your kids can experience trouble in the future (I'm not sure what kind of trouble there can be but I've heard some vague stories about this).

Nowadays since the President has commenced the planting of 1 million trees all over Indonesia, the registrar office has told the newlyweds to bring TWO types of trees there before they can sign their marriage certificate. They have to bring an orchid and a mahogany. Isn't that funny?

Thankfully my bro's wife's Dad was the one looking for those trees, so my parents didn't have to worry about all that. Bless him!!!

Anyway, I told one of my friends about this and she started being fiery right away. She was afraid that it was all some kind of collusion. She was afraid that the registrar office would get the trees BACK to the places that sold the trees so that the owners of those places could split the profit with the people in the registrar office. This kind of thing happens A LOT in Indonesia, by the way!!! I wouldn't wonder IF they did such a thing, but I don't want to think about it 'coz I don't wanna fume inside he he he...

The second funny story was the angpao (envelope with money inside) given by my bro's wife's colleague. Her colleague had gotten married already years back and he gave her four types of condoms in the envelope, though he also inserted money inside HA HA HA HA HA HA...

My Mom was laughing while telling the story. Crazy colleagues!!!! Some people just LOVE teasing the newlyweds so much (remember that free sex is frowned upon in Indonesia, even though some teenagers have done it already discreetly).

After my bro and wife got back to work, the naughty colleague asked her, "So, have you tried them? Which one do you like best?"

My bro's wife was smart enough to reply with another question, "Which one do YOU like best?"

However, the guy was also smart enough to answer like this, "The BEST kind is WITHOUT using it!" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Today we're going to go to a supermarket to buy some grocery for my mother-in-law. We'll drop by there and then take one gift to bring to her elder sister who had her birthday yesterday. Only tomorrow morning we'll spend a night at my in-laws, so don't expect any post from me until Wednesday afternoon he he he he he he...

Speaking of my mother-in-law, she went to the doctor again since her ankle felt painful again. The doctor opened it up and checked it and put it on cast again and told her to drink medicine for 3 weeks and after that they'd take another X-ray of her ankle. Then I sent her an SMS (it was easier for me to communicate with her that way since I could write SMS with the help of the dictionary and I could read her reply with the help of the dictionary again), telling her that if she needed help to cook before X-mas Eve, we could go there earlier. Apparently she had already cooked everything, so she just said that she needed help serving the food and cleaning everything up on X-mas Eve.

Gee...she's really one tough woman!!! I mean, she probably shouldn't have walked too much, right? Oh well...I did ask her not to walk too much ha ha ha ha ha...

Okie it's time for me to have lunch before we go. I'm going to post the pictures of my plum-marmalade pastry later after Christmas, OK?

Take care, everybody, and have a BLESSED Christmas to all of you who celebrate it and have a WONDERFUL holiday to the rest who don't celebrate it!!!! Don't falllll to those who experience snow (icy snow) and God bless you all...


  1. Have a nice weekend and Christmas, Amel. See you on Wednesday :D

  2. Hi Amel, I did not know that news yet from Indonesia. But maybe will, since two of my brothers will get married next year.

  3. Jul: See you on Wednesdayyyyy!!!! ;-D You, too, have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

    Nyumix: Two of them will get married next year? many parties he he he he he...CONGRATS for them! ;-D

  4. Hi, Amel! I'll be away for a few days, too!! Till then, TAKE CARE!!! And, of course, have a blessed and magical Christmas.


  5. Choc Mint Girl: HAVE A JOLLY GOOD TIME and God bless you, Crystallll!!!! Until theeeennnn he he he he he...;-D

    I bet the blogosphere would be as quiet as the grave for a few days now ha ha ha...