Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vermont Timber: Hand Crafted Post and Beam Supplier

If you're thinking of building a house or you're in charge of hotel or church building projects, I found this site that you should check out. Vermont Timber is a post & beam supplier that sells unique frames that are custom designed according to your wish. Everything they make is hand crafted to make sure that it fits every individual needs. Starting from heavy timber trusses, hammer beam trusses, king post trusses, graceful arches and curves to complex scissor trusses, they aim to create buildings that have lovely interior designs. Rustic or elegant, they can do it all. After all, they've been around since 1987!

They have even had plenty of experiences making timber frames for churches or monasteries and post and beam framing for horse barns and stables or dining halls and picnic pavilions.

They also provide plenty of photographs on the projects they have done so you can see what they can do and how well they've done it. I personally love the picture of Betlehem Monastery of Poor Clares among the others there. I think they've done a WONDERFUL job there. I've always loved wood anyway since it gives a warm, homey feeling to a building.

Anyway, they're ready to supply timber for clients who wish to install it themselves and they can ship it to you. All you need to do is contact them via the link they have provided in the site.


  1. I love the Monastery also, it's a beautiful custom timber frame. Great blog!

  2. Sophia: You love it, too? Yeah, it's really lovely, isn't it? ;-D THANKS for your compliment and for leaving a comment. ;-D Glad you enjoyed your stay here he he...

  3. Thanks so much for the kind works Amel. We certainly love timber framing and have fun at what we do. Love your profile picture, very cute. Have a good day, Sandy

  4. Sandy: It's MY pleasure and glad you liked my profile pic he he he he he...;-D You too, have a BLESSED week!