Wednesday, December 19, 2007

High Quality Photo Enlargements

In this digital age where photography is made easier by the advancement of digital cameras, I bet some of you have taken some nice holiday or family pictures that you'd like to enlarge. I'd love to enlarge some of my Finnish nature pictures, but of course I want my enlarge pictures to have a good quality. I found this below site (learntodream dot co dot uk) which provides such a service. They even provide printing photograph on canvas!

You can send the images by email, snail mail, or by using their online form. The canvas form has different varieties, such as:

a. A combination of 4 different images.
b. A combination of 3 different images.
c. Film strip effect: for any number of images.
d. A combination of your best images (maximum images: 20).

Anyway, after you upload or send your photo to them, then they will talk to you about retouching it and they will even recommend to you what kind of material and effects and finishes that would suit your photo best. Plus this consultation service is free!!!

That sounds cool to me!!! I'd feel like an artist once I get my photographs on canvas! I can imagine taking wonderful candid family photos or Finnish nature photos and print some on a canvas. Mmmm...what a wonderful work of art!

Here are some of the other products they provide for customers (other than the artist's canvas I mentioned above):

a. Textured Art Paper
b. Acrylic Art
c. Parallax - Multi Layered Effect
d. Lusion
e. Silver Photographic Paper
f. Clear Film
g. Acrylic Blocks

Confused about the terms? You can visit the site to find out more info. Let me show you a small picture of their memory board photo montage. If you have too many beautiful pictures to enlarge, this is a nice way to combine them in an artistic way.

Here's another sample of a combination of 4 images. Maybe when I have kids one day, I'll order one of these as it's SO cute!!! What do you think?

If you also plan on giving someone this gift, but you're not sure which photo they would like to enlarge, you can buy a gift voucher from this site. Your gift voucher can even be personalized with your message on it and the amount is up to you! Maybe next year I should consider giving my mother-in-law an enlarged photo or montage to hang on her bedroom wall!

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