Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Amelia Island

Hey, everybody, I've got an island! LOL!!! Apparently "my" island is hailed to be one of the top ten islands in America. It's located in Florida and right now they're offering Lodging Special for you until the end of February 2008. What's the deal? Well, if you book for 2 nights, you'll get the 3rd night free in twelve participating hotels and B&B.

After living in this cold country for almost 9 months now, I'd love to sunbathe in Amelia Island. But first of all, let me find out some info about this island and what it boasts. I've never actually heard of this island before (yeah, call me a hillbilly!). This island's got a famous beach called Ferdinanda Beach. In the beach, there's this district filled with beautiful restored houses and buildings from the turn of the century. I LOVE looking at beautiful houses!

Other than that, Fort Clinch State Park is also a must-see tourist attraction, especially if you love hiking, bicycling, or camping. The island also has a golf course offering 6 venues with 153 holes for public. Naturally you can also visit their historical museum, but something that caught my eye is "GHOST tour". Yeah, you heard me right! This tour begins at the cemetery at 6 pm. I wonder if people will truly encounter any ghosts during the tour. LOL!!! Nature lovers can enjoy the many birds and sea turtles. Collectors can try their luck finding seashells and shark teeth on the beaches.

What about food? Since it's an island, then you can taste delicious seafood here. After all, the island is famous for its shrimps and lobsters. Yummy!!! And this island is apparently a shopper's paradise, as well. You can visit their antiques shops, book shops, clothing and jewellery stores, gift shops, and after your feet get sore, you can try one of their spas. What a splendid vacation! I should tell my hubby about "my" island and this special offer. Whooppeeee!!!!


  1. wow...congratulation for your island Amel hahaha...

  2. THANKS, Jul HE HE HE HE HE HE...Isn't it cool that my name is famous? HA HA HA HA HA...