Thursday, December 27, 2007

Proud of My Brother

Update on my rashes: Earlier Arttu called the health center, but then it was already full, so the nurse told him that if I could wait till tomorrow, then I should go there tomorrow. She also asked if I had taken any antihistamine or not. I didn't know that we could buy antihistamine without prescription in the pharmacy. I don't really know how the system works here, but since it was still 5.30 pm, we managed to go to the pharmacy (it closes at 6 pm on weekdays) and the pharmacist wanted to see my rashes and she suggested some antihistamine tablets for us. There were so many different kinds, including Zyrtec that Trinity told me about. THANKS for telling me about that, Trinity! Zyrtec cost thrice this type of table that we bought. I sure do hope that this tablet works for me. If the condition doesn't get any better tomorrow, I'll DEFINITELY go to the doctor he he he...

Anyway, this morning I called my parents again since it was my Dad's birthday. I just said happy birthday to him and wished him good health. We didn't talk long, but I talked for a LONG time with my Mom he he he he he...It's always SO MUCH FUN talking to my Mom!

I told her that the other day in the sauna, I asked hubby, "Would it be too fast if we try having a baby at the end of next year?" and he said no.

I want to make sure we're both ready, 'coz I'm FAR away from my own Mom and even though my in-laws are GREAT and KIND people, they also live 25 min. away from us and my father-in-law's got Alzheimer, so I don't wanna burden them. That means that hubby and I have to be totally ready to help each other when the baby comes he he he...

Upon hearing that, my Mom said, "It's fine with me. Just do what you think is right." YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! BRAVO for my Mom he he he he...I just feel GLAD that she's ALWAYS so supportive!!! ;-D Even when Arttu still hadn't got a permanent job yet, she still encouraged me to marry him as long as I knew he'd make me happy. I only wish I could be a great Mom like her when the time comes. ;-D

Anyway, I'm also PROUD of my brother. He's started paying for the electric and phone and water bills ever since my Dad stopped working. Then now he's started giving Mom some food money monthly. What makes me proud of him was the fact that he said this to Mom when he started giving her food money, "Mom, I'm going to start giving you food money every month, but PLEASE don't get it wrong. I'm not asking you to cook for us or anything. I just want to give you some food money every month."

The fact that he took into account my mother's feelings about getting that money was what made me feel SO proud of him. ;-D He knows that the business situation in Indonesia has been pretty bad and that my Mom can barely save any money from selling food in the traditional market, though she still has enough to buy food for everybody, but still he wants to make sure that my Mom doesn't need to worry about money.

Mom told me that she'd save the money if she didn't need to use it and that she would still be cooking for the four of them, but she wouldn't be angry if they (my brother and wife) chose not to eat what she cooked and instead ordered food from a resto. Bravo for Mom, as well!!! ;-D

It seems to me that my brother and wife have brought sunshine to my mother's life, as well. Things haven't been really well with my Dad lately. He starts getting angry again if Mom reminds him to eat or to take his medication. Sometimes even when Mom says something INNOCENT, he'd get upset and snap, "You don't appreciate me anymore since I no longer work, but I am STILL the head of the family." Oh can you tell a man that it's his broken ego that's the problem, not what other people say about him?

Prayers for my Dad, please. I hope God will heal his mental wounds so that he would stop thinking that whatever other people say is meant to hurt him and his pride. He's attached his self-value in his work so much so that now that he's retired, it's getting tough for him to accept the situation, even though he told me that he was okay with it already.

I also wrote him an email for my brother to print-out for my Dad...hoping that it could nudge him into the realization that the problem is inside his own head, not what my Mom says or does.

Oh's long enough, I guess. I'll write about the Second Part of the Christmas party soon then he he he he...I still feel some itch here and there, but not as strongly as Christmas Eve.

Take care, everybody, and hopefully you'll all stay well!!!!


  1. Amel, I thought it was great that you asked your mothers blessing about having a baby.

    About your brother, he's got that honor thy mother and father bit down pat. God will blless him for that.

    We have been struggling for the past several months with my wife off work, and our son gave us most of a few of his paychecks to help us meet oour bills.

    I will be praying for your father.

    Oh, I wrote a post recently on my WIXY's Gone Bananas blog welcoming you to my blogroll.

  2. 74WIXYgrad: Hi, Cliff!

    Yeah, I'm close to my Mom, so I want her to know everything. After all, parents' prayers are MAGICAL he he he...

    I understand what you mean about your financial condition. It's GREAT that your son have helped you in that area. God bless him too! :-)))

    AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers for my Dad. :-)))

    You wrote about me in your other blog? OK, I'll come and visit then, but first THANK YOU again for introducing me to everybody!!!! ;-D

  3. Wow, your mom is indeed a great mother!! That's why her children turn to be great persons :)
    I'm sure you'll be a terrific mom too when the time comes! Hope i can be a great mom like that...

  4. Mey: Hey, THANKS for your compliment! ;-D Mom's THE BEST indeed! ;-D

    So we both hope for the same thing, then: to be great Moms. May God lead us to be great Moms then. :-))))

  5. Amel, you have a great bother... I agree with mey, I think your mom has raised all her children very well, I will pray for your dad as well..

    I am waiting for a good news about the baby next year! Yay!!!

  6. My prayer goes to your dad, Amel. You have a very wonderful family. :)