Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Movie Reviews: Rush Hour 3 + Resident Evil 3

Two nights ago we watched those two movies in a row he he he he...

1. Rush Hour 3

The usual Jackie Chan fun style movie. Too bad I think the movie's too short. It didn't even last for 1.5 hours!!! But we laughed a lot and we always loved watching the "failed scenes" at the end of the movie he he he he he...Plus the action is always enjoyable! ;-D

Hubby's a HUGE fan of Jackie Chan as he LOVES comedies he he he he he...Who's also Jackie Chan's fan? Come and raise your hands, please?

2. Resident Evil 3

This one is also not disappointing, but I suspect there will be another sequel. As usual, there're lots of bloody-gory scenes in this movie ha ha ha ha ha...There are LOTS of clones of Alice in the movie!!!

Gee...I wouldn't want anyone to clone me, would you? That's a scary thought! After all, there's enough me in the world, I think HA HA HA HA HA...The world doesn't need more me. Ahem. ;-D Plus if there were more than one me, then I wouldn't be special anymore!!!

Overall, I'd recommend both movies to those of you who love those kinds of movies. ;-D You know what's funny? They're both rated 6.3/10 in IMDB site.

Okie dokie, now I need to study Finnish againnnnnnn!!! YIIIHHHAAAA!!! ;-D


  1. Ha ha...Yeah, Jackie Chan is funny with Chris Tucker. It seems that I've forgotten whether I've seen these Part 3 movies or not ha ha ha...

  2. Choc Mint Girl: You don't remember anymore? LOL LOL!!! OK then, no worries he he he...