Sunday, December 30, 2007

Romance Is In the Air

Love and romance. Two inseparable subjects. The other week hubby told me that his second brother would move to his girlfriend's place here in Sodankylä soon. He dares taking that step since he can't stand being apart from her any longer (he's currently living in Pori, about 12 hours away by car from here).

When he was coping with a break up last summer, he told me that he didn't believe that he would ever be lucky in love. He had gone through plenty of break-ups already and the last one was painful since the woman didn't even explain to him what had happened. She had just simply stopped accepting his calls or replying his SMS. Cruel, isn't it?

Anyway, his current girlfriend has actually been his best friend for over 20 years, but through some twists of life, they had never really been a couple. That's one reason why I was SO happy when they got together. It was clear to me that they got the chemistry already. After all, they have been BEST friends! I wish him ALL THE BEST in this current relationship. I wish him many many more happy years to come. One challenging thing would be finding a job in this little village, but when God opens doors, nobody can close them, right? I hope he'll find one sooner, not later.

I love love stories, don't you? It's just funny sometimes how life brings two people together. I also know one person who used to "hate" a guy in High School actually ended up marrying him. In that particular case, it's true what they say, I guess, "There's a fine line between love and hate."


  1. oh, that's the way love is... :)
    happy new year Colin and your family.

  2. I'm sorry Amel I think i'm out of my mind to say colin lol
    sorry for that.

  3. I like this topics. About love and romance, especially after my anniversary.. haha :)

  4. Lolli: HE HE HE HE...No worries, sometimes I get mixed up, too!!! Have a HAPPY New Year to you too!!! ;-D

    Nyumix: Yeah, that's true HI HI HI HI HI...;-D

  5. Oh he is such a romantic!! I hope he finds a job soon!

    It's so heartwarming to hear such real life romantic tales. I am quite a romantic person :-)

  6. WaterLearner: Hi, Buddy! Yeah, he's been looking for a job online but hasn't found the right one yet. Hope the best for him! ;-D

    Yeah, I also love romantic tales he he he he...;-D

  7. Hi Amelia,
    My name crops up everywhere hahaha. It's good to know hat romance is alive and well :)

    You've been's an easy one though :)
    Happy New Year in advance :)

  8. Grottynosh: THX for dropping by and tagging me, Colin. And Happy New Year to you too! It may take some time for me before I get around to doing it, though he he he...

  9. AWWW!! that is so sweet!! and I'm so happy for them. hopefuly wedding bells will be the next step.HE!!HE!!:) hugs to you and have very happy new year.

  10. Love is powerful and makes you do crazy things !!!

  11. Ain't love grand?

    BTW, be sure that you come over to my WIXY blog for the Top Bananas ceremony. you have an award waiting for you.

  12. Hi Amel,

    No New Year post yet? As 2007 comes to a close, I am here to extend my gratitude for your very fun companionship of my 2007 journey of life. You have added much support, fun and laughter to me since I came to know you. I have much to learn from you. The way you demand yourself to be a better person and also the way you see the goodness in life all around you.

    Thanks buddy. Please walk with me into 2008 and many many good years to come.

    "Grow Old Along with Me.
    The Best is Yet to Be"

  13. Stacy: HUGS back to you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, as well!!!

    Frasypoo: Touche!!! ;-D

    74WIXYgrad: Yeah, it is. Hey, THANKS A LOT for the award, Cliff! ;-D

    WaterLearner: Ahhh...I'm also glad to have found you through blogging. You're a deep person and you provide deep musings for us all to help us all have a better life. ;-D I also have much to learn from you, Karen!!!

    Wish you ALL THE BEST in 2008 and yes, we'll keep on being buddies for sure he he he he...

    Hey, I LOVE that quotation!!! ;-D