Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ouch, It's Slippery!

Went to my in-laws as usual this morning. Mother-in-law left right after lunch since she had a birthday party to attend. Before going there, she took out some lights and asked Arttu to string them around the trees near their house. I saw another MAGNIFICENT sunrise again at around 11 am this morning (yes, the sun rises at around 11 am during winter). The sky changes so quickly here in Lapland, especially in winter as it gets dark already at around 3 pm.

Right after we came back to the house from sauna (remember that their sauna is about 15 metres away from their house), I saw my mother-in-law sitting down and wincing, still dressed nicely. Then she said something about her left ankle. I didn't get the details in Finnish, but I could guess what happened. She fell down and sprained her left ankle. Ouch!!!

I confirmed the story to hubby and he said that his Mom went to the birthday party on a kicksled. Then as she was walking up the stairs to the host's house, she fell down since the steps were slippery. Oh dear...I couldn't imagine her having to go back home on a kicksled with a SPRAINED ankle!!!!!!! I began to think that she was a super woman like my Mom. If I had been in her place, I would have called my husband to pick me up!!!

Do you know how to use a kicksled? Like this:

So now can you imagine how she did it? And I don't even know how far it was from the host's house to their house. Uuuuggghhhhh...good thing is that she had an ice-pack ready (cold already) and some elastic bandage. Hubby helped bandaging her ankle. She said that if it got worse, she'd go to the doctor on Monday.

Why not go to the doctor right then and there? Well, that was what I was wondering, as well, but hubby said that there would be no doctors available today. After all, in this little village there's no hospital. There's only a health centre. Then I asked what happened to women in labour. He said that the ambulance would take them to Rovaniemi hospital. *GASP* It's located 1.5 hours away from here!!! I made a mental note to ask my fellow students (Finnish class students) on Monday about this. I still can't believe that a pregnant woman can't give birth in the health centre, even though my Brit friend had said that the health centre here couldn't do anything much for more serious cases or injuries and they would refer you to Rovaniemi hospital. Gee...I'm still speechless!!!

Anyway, back to my mother-in-law. I felt worried seeing her limping in pain, even though she still managed to smile and laugh and even played cards with us!!! For some reason the scene reminds me of my Mom when she had problems with her knees. Being a super woman, she will NEVER wince unless the pain is unbearable already and it makes me wonder if my mother-in-law is the same type of woman. Anyway, but then I remembered that they had hubby's grandpa's cane somewhere in the house, so I told hubby to tell her about it. I figured that the cane would at least help her out to walk around the parts of the house where she couldn't reach any nearby object for balance.

I sure do hope she's going to be fine soon. After all, Christmas is coming soon and I know she's the type of woman who wants to cook so much food for her family on Christmas Eve.

Anyway...on a lighter note, here are some pics I took today.

The below pic is unsatisfactory to me 'coz of the electric lines there he he he...but it was tough to take a wide angle if I moved further. Well, at least the crescent is shown clearly, right? HE HE HE HE HE...

Remember my plumper snowman? Well, today it's been like this. The temperature had risen up again the last few days so the snowman had melted a bit. Mother-in-law said that her sister and husband came over and her sister's hubby said that they should turn it into a snow-woman by adding chest and they even added some arms he he he he...

I LOVE this lantern!!! I've seen many like this hanging near the porch of houses here...GORGEOUS!!! ;-D

Okie dokie, it's getting late, so I'll just go to sleep soon, I guess he he he...


  1. I hope your mother in law's ankle heals soon! Sorry to hear about the fall.
    Wow, that is a short amount of time for daylight.

  2. sorry about mother law. your winters must be pretty harsh so little day light . It gets cold here , and we get some snow, but nothing like it was here in the 1970,s global warming has made an impact here

  3. Amel, I love the lantern as well! I haven't read the posts yet.. I only can see some pictures.. somebody are queuing to use this free internet service in Changi..hehehe... just drop by here to say hello and thank you for keep coming to my blog when I was away... muaach

  4. So sorry to hear about your mom-in-law. I hope it's nothing serious. Anyway, your snowman is growing up ha ha ha...

    Amel, is it like for a few hours dark or till evening? I love the lantern as well...It's beautiful!! :)

  5. Kathy: THANKS and yeah, I hope her ankle gets better soon. :-)))

    Coltfan: THANKS, Randy! Yeah, global warming has really changed many things, eh? Well, you should see Lapland in summer when the sun doesn't set at all. I think it kinda balances the darkness he he he...

    Trinity: UR welcome, Girl! :-))) Glad you liked the lantern he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I hope it's not serious, either. Yep, the street lights are off at around 9 am and then they're on again at around 3 pm he he he he he...Glad you enjoyed the lantern! ;-D

  6. All the photos is nice, Amel. I like it all ^___^;;

  7. the pictures are GORGEOUS and the snowman now a woman is cute.!! LOL!!

  8. Stacy: LOL!!! was funny when I saw my snowman turning into a snow-woman HA HA HA HA HA...