Friday, December 07, 2007

The Party Is On!

Sob sob...I just called my parents' place. Unfortunately the connection was bad, so I couldn't really communicate well with my Mom or brother. So I just sent an SMS to my brother to wish him all the best for tomorrow (his wedding day). Anyway, I wasn't going to talk for a long time with Mom 'coz they had lots of guests there: my Mom's siblings plus some of their kids, my Dad's siblings and some of their kids. I could hear chaos there. My brother replied my SMS and joked, "Yeah, it's so crowded here that it looks like a pigsty." HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

I can imagine how excited they are. It's always so NICE to gather with your relatives before or on a special occasion, especially when it's a happy occasion such as a wedding, don't you think?

My family's going to have a VERY busy day tomorrow! I'm just glad I could listen to my Mom's voice even only for a while. Just by listening to her voice, I knew everything was well taken care of and she was healthy he he he he he...

Today it's only 2'C and it makes the snow MELT!!!!!!!!! It's SO wet out there, folks!!! It's going to be dangerous if it stays this wet and then the temperature drops down again 'coz then there'll be a layer of ice on the roads. However, if it's still wet tomorrow, I can make a SNOWMAN again in my in-laws' yard!!!!!!!!!! HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Now all the trees are green again (no snow on the branches). I'm truly looking forward to tomorrow. It seems to me going to my in-laws feel like taking a mini vacation every Saturday. I LOVE that place SO much!!!

Ahhhh...tomorrow my brother's going to end his bachelorhood he he he...I'll send him SMS again later on and I'll try to call my parents again a day or two afterward to find out how it went. ;-D

Oh, speaking of party, last night my Brit friend (the organizer of our pikkujoulu or small pre-Christmas party) has contacted us to ask where we'd prefer to meet. I told her I wouldn't mind having some drinks or having dinner altogether in one of the restaurants here. She still hasn't set up any date yet 'coz she wants to know first when we're all available, but I think the party's going to happen before December 17th. We'll see he he he he...I'm pretty excited about this!!!! ;-D


  1. Hi Amel, Enjoy your party!! I don't get it here at my place. It is tropical whole year round...but the good thing is Christmas is coming...regardless of climate! Cheers!

  2. I hope you are doing well -- I know it's hard for you to be away from your family at this time. But you have a sweet husband and wonderful parents-in-law to be with which is great.

  3. Maketraffic: THANKS!!! Well, I used to live in a tropical country as well, so I know how it feels he he...Cheers to you too!!! ;-D Have a BLESSED Christmas!!!

  4. Kathy: THANKS, Kathy! I'm OK now. Knowing that they're well and everything's fine makes me feel MUCH better. :-))) Well, at least I knew already since then that I wouldn't be able to be there he he that helped, too! ;-D

    And yes, I have a sweet hubby and WONDERFUL in-laws. ;-D Can't wait to go there again tomorrow! ;-D

  5. WoW! Everything is going to be wonderful, your bro's wedding, snowman and Christmas gathering!!

    Even though you're unable to attend your bro's wedding, but you, too, gonna be very busy, girl!!! He he he...Hope you'll enjoy the party.

    I could still remember when I was preparing for my own wedding...phewww!!! Anyway, CONGRATS and HAPPY WEDDING to your bro & wifey... :)

  6. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I still remember how it was, as well. However, I only invited a few guests whereas my bro's going to have A TON of guests he he he...

    THANKS for the well-wishes, Crystal! When tomorrow's over, my family'll be SO relieved. ;-D

    Yup, I'll let you know when the pikkujoulu is later on. ;-D

  7. Oh finally! The big wedding day has arrived. I'm sure your brother will have a great time. Your parents will be so proud. Enjoy your mini-vacation at your in-laws. They love you so much too :-)

  8. Blur Ting: parents will be RELIEVED too 'coz now their kids have someone to take care of them HA HA HA HA...Yeah, I'm glad for my beloved in-laws! ;-D