Friday, December 07, 2007

Awards Again and 5 Quotations!

YIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHAAAA!!! Juliana just shared these two awards with me. I LOVE the Santa one 'coz it's snowing there HE HE HE HE HE...

I'm sharing the Santa award with these people who haven't gotten this yet: (you can find the codes here)

Mel Kaye
Blur Ting
Mother Hen
Fish Without Bicycle

By the way, let me share some quotations with you again so that this post has something else other than just awards he he he...

It's not all about money,
it's about helping yourself, helping others and giving back.
Catherine Pulsifer

Japanese Proverbs:

The tongue is but three inches long, yet it can kill a man six feet high.

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

One kind word can warm three winter months.

Do you need proof of God? Does one light a torch to see the sun?


  1. Amelia; my girl!!!

    Congratulations for your awards: they are well deserved :)!

    Ooohh, thank you for the Santa award *warm hug*! You know that I don't celebrate it; but I will gladly take it, cause you and my mom celebrate it with joy :)!

    I loved the last Japanese quote "Do you need proof of God? Does one light a torch to see the Sun?" - absolutely true, and marvellous!!!!

    Have a blessed and Fab weekend :)!

  2. Thank you very for the award :)

  3. Max: UR welcome, Girl! HE HE HE HE...You don't have to celebrate Christmas. It's the Santa Spirit Award and you have that spirit! ;-D

    Stacy: My pleasure, Stacy! ;-D

  4. man walks into a bar .... outch

  5. isnt it: Man walks into a bar, he Says "ouch" it was an iron bar

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  6. Thanks Amel! You're a little santa girl!

  7. Thanks Amel,
    You are sweet!
    I will post it on Monday

  8. Thanks so much Amel!! Love the proverbs. Knowing the second one in the list of Japanese proverbs would have saved me some trouble with my ex boyfriend ;-)

  9. Hmmm...I just don't feel that the no. 2 of the Japanese Proverbs is correct for every man...

    Anyway, CONGRATSSSSS!!!! :)

  10. Hi there, I've joined the Linky Love train and u are on my list. Pls add me to ur list too, thanks and have a great day! :)

  11. Hi Amelia,
    Congratulations for your awards: they are well deserved.
    I like the meaningful quotes.Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  12. I like the quote. Do we use a torch to find God? haha...

  13. Coltfan: LOL!!!

    Zexk: I'll go visit you later! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Santa girl's coming to blogosphere HE HE HE HE HE...;-D

    Fish: Ahhh...we live, we learn! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Really? That's interesting he he he...any specific experience? ;-D

    Mariuca: OK, I'll add you, Girl! ;-D

    Surjit: Glad you enjoyed the quotes and THANKS! ;-D

    Mr. Fong: HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, I know what you mean! ;-D