Thursday, December 27, 2007

My First White Christmas Story Part 2

Tuesday: Dec 25th, 2007

We slept on my in-laws' day bed in the living room. Hubby couldn't sleep well since I kept on going back and forth to the toilet to rub some olive oil he he he...Poor dear! Since we had such a rough time to sleep, we only finally woke up at around 11 am. My in-laws woke up already much earlier, but we were simply too tired to bother to wake up then. It was such a tiring night for me!

Then my mother-in-law offered us some porridge and we ate it. She asked if Indonesians had porridge, and I told her that normally in Indonesia, porridge is eaten with meat and chili sauce, not with sugar and cinnamon he he he he...Then we spent the afternoon reading. Arttu and I brought some novels (he started reading the new novel I bought him for his X-mas gift), whereas our in-laws read the newspaper. In the early evening, Arttu's second brother and girlfriend came over again since they had promised to do so.

Since December 26th was my in-laws' 46th wedding anniversary (correction for me since the last time I told you guys that it would be their 45th this year), my mother-in-law served us coffee and took out a celebration cake. YAAAAAAAAAAYY!!! I LOVE cakes ha ha ha ha ha...

Then she said that she wanted me to take pics of them, so I did. She asked his hubby to put on a nice sweater first and then she brushed her hair HE HE HE HE HE HE...There you go. Unfortunately my mother-in-law was either looking at the other side or closing her eyes ha ha ha ha...And yes, it's her LEFT ankle that's on cast.

Then we took two family pics. Let me just show you one of them then. Here it is. Yes, Arttu's second brother's girlfriend is as TALL as I am HUE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

I gave them an anniversary card while we were drinking coffee and eating cakes and my mother-in-law said thank you. I think I should start taking more family pictures from now on, 'coz you'll never know how many more years they still have together. After all, my father-in-law's already 75 years old. Even though his Dad lived to the ripe age of 90 (or was it 91?), it's better to just cherish every moment we have as best as we can, don't you think so? I think I should give her a similar type of photo album every year so that she can remember every event. What do you think? ;-D

Anyway, funny thing is that my mother-in-law has started a new habit now: putting on an apron with a big pocket in the middle. That way when she needs to walk using both walking sticks, she can put something in the pocket. While we were going to play cards on Monday afternoon, my mother-in-law went inside her bedroom and then came out again with two boxes of chocolate in the pocket. When I saw her like that, she immediately said, "Kenguru" and smiled ha ha ha ha ha...I laughed when I heard that! And I bet you all understand what the word means HI HI HI HI HI HI...;-D

OK, I'm outta here now...gotta start studying Finnish again after a long holiday from it!!!


  1. hi Amel those pics are beautiful :)
    nice family pic.

    btw, are you serious your b-day Nov 29? oh boy, we're same :) So next year we celebrate i together lol

  2. hi amel,

    i like your family pics ;)

  3. Such beautiful sweet family moments!! You are indeed blessed with a family with such quiet peace.

  4. Lolli: Yes, I'm serious, so let's celebrate our bdays together next year HE HE HE HE HE...

    Jul: Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    WaterLearner: Yeah, that's why I love visiting my in-laws he he he...;-D Peaceful and quiet! ;-D

  5. I love your pictures! Your parents-in-law are soooo cute! The whole family is beautiful. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Kathy: Yeah, sometimes my in-laws tease each other and laugh together and it's FUN to see he he he...Yep, I had a beautiful X-mas indeed! ;-D

  7. Merry Cristmast Amell I hope you will always happy with your nice family.Those pics so beautifull

  8. Amel... great family picture! I love your thoughtful idea to make more family pictures and cherish every moments! your intention to make your in laws remember every event is just soo sweet!

    hugs to you..

  9. Nice pics! I think Arttu's 2nd bro's girlfriend is 'smaller' than you he he he...

  10. Dinda Sheeva: THANKS for dropping by and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Glad you enjoyed visiting my blog. ;-D

    Trinity: HE HE HE...Well, I just thought that it'd help later on in the future. ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: She's exactly my height, Crystal. She just looks smaller 'coz she stands behind the rocking chair HE HE HE...

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  12. Barb: THANKS for dropping by. I'll check it out later! ;-D