Thursday, December 20, 2007

BUPA Heartbeat - Health Insurance in the UK

For those of you living in the UK and you're considering of buying a health insurance policy, you can visit the link. You can contact BUPA and get a health insurance quote for free right away. BUPA offers 5 different health care programs to choose. You can even click on a link to compare what they cover so that you don't have to feel confused. They provide a checklist table for you to review all the programs. They even have a program for acute heart and cancer patients only. I've never even heard of such a program before. Isn't that great?

The best thing is that to get a quote, you don't need to fill in any form. You can either call them or chat with their online adviser and you don't even have to commit yourself to buy any program. However, you need to prepare all the medical history and personal details of the person for whom you're buying the health insurance policy.

Other than that, this site also provides comprehensive information on many types of medical conditions. If you're interested in reading info on this, click here. It's listed alphabetically, so you can find what you're looking for easily.

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