Friday, December 28, 2007

3BT: December 28, 2007

1. We shared a sour mango (half ripe). It was VERY tasty, though. Sour and fresh! And I found them on a discount the other day. It was usually over €2 per kilo, but I found them at only €0.99 per kilo. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!

2. Soto ayam that was delicious. My first try and yet it was FABULOUS!!!

3. Looking at my hubby's face when he tried the soto ayam. Apparently he had NEVER tried anything like that before. It was HILARIOUS HE HE HE HE...It looked as though he was in pain or tortured or something ha ha ha...

4. Hubby thanking me for having peeled and served the mango.

5. Finding tank tops and a birthday gift on a 50% discount. YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! ;-D


  1. soto ayam i never tried it too. :)
    poor hubby hahaha... naughty you Amel

  2. Hi Amel,
    I crave Indian mangos !

  3. hey grilfriend that meme i did no know how to do it . i post the meme after my mommy said how to do it .love always kelcey

  4. I think you are so talented in cooking! while you may guess.. I am not.. hehehe

  5. did try soto ayam ^.^

    wow...birthday gift for 50%. nice. i want buy also for my birthday hehehe..just kidding.

  6. Hi, Amel! The mention of mango just makes me drool ha ha...Did Arttu like the 'soto ayam'?? He he...I think it's not so bad compare to prawn paste ha ha ha...

  7. Amel, I had a question, do people in your region celebrate New Years Eve/New Years Day very much? If they do, do you have any plans?
    Thanks again for being a consistent reader of my blog. You're the best. Say hi and give my regards to your good husband, too.

  8. Soto ayam?? hmm.. it's long time ago since I ate this food. Miss it.. but the one from kaki lima.. haha :)

  9. yummy I love mangos and I have never tryed Soto ayam is it spicy?I also love geting good discounts on things to it makes shopping more enjoyable:)

  10. Lolli: You should try it then sometime he he he...LOL!!! I didn't mean to make hubby suffer. I wanted him to try and I hoped he liked it, but it seems I have to eat all of it by myself he he he...

    Frasypoo: Mangoes are TASTY!!! ;-D

    Kelcey: No worries. I just wanted to know your answers to the questions he he he...

    Trinity: Talented? I only started cooking when I moved to Finland he he he...

    Juliana: Yup, I finally did it!!! Don't you have sales right now? Right after X-mas, stores here have big sales!!! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Unfortunately R2 didn't like the soto ayam. He said it tasted weird. Probably 'coz of the many spices I put there ha ha ha ha ha...

    Hey, I LOVE prawn paste!!! ;-D

    Vince: Here in Finland I'm not sure what people do in New Year's Eve, but I read in one regional newspaper today that in the centre of the town there would be a celebration. It seems there'd be some fireworks. And lots of stores here also sell fire crackers and those kinds of stuff.

    UR welcome about my being your reader. ;-D Hi back from my hubby he he he...Hope you had a FAB Christmas, Vince!!! ;-D

    Nyumix: Hi, Putri!!! I miss my Mom's cookings, every single one of it. She's a MARVELOUS cook! Even my friends love her cooking he he he...

    Stacy: Yes, soto ayam is VERY spicy HA HA HA HA HA...;-D And yeah, I guess everybody loves discounts, eh? ;-D