Friday, December 14, 2007

3BT: December 14, 2007

1. Hubby warning me to be careful since the pavement and streets were slippery. ;-D

2. Sending two more postcards at the post office he he he he he he...and seeing SO MANY people there sending cards and gifts to their loved ones. Ahhhhh...such an interesting thing to see!

3. An old woman taking another old woman on a ride with her kicksled. The other old woman was sitting on the kicksled's chair. Mmmm...quite a sight to behold!

4. Finding cheap oranges!!! Only €0.99 per kilogram! YIIIIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

5. Almost forgot!!! It's interesting to see that in the post office you can take some postcards or cards and once you're done writing the address and your message, you can queue and tell the postman, "I just took the cards from the racks." So it means they have really great trust in customers. You can NEVER do such a thing in Indonesia - leaving so many boxes, wrappers, envelopes, cards, postcards just like that (in an open place) where you can "steal" them easily, but over here it seems they don't worry about people stealing stuff.


6. Receiving a postcard from my German friend (used to be my penpal, now my emailpal) who now lives in Sweden.

7. Receiving some more money transfer from writing ads. HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Let's save more money, Babyyyyyy!!!!!


  1. wow...that is cheap orange, Amel. I also buy orange/mandarijn today it cost 1,69 euro :(

    In Finland also use euro, Amel??

    3BT hmmmm...i think i will try to write my own 3BT hehehe...

  2. Jul: Yeah, we use Euro as well he he he he...Sometimes they're on a sale at Lidl. I often buy grocery at Lidl 'coz they sell cheap stuff he he he he...The oranges I bought were clementines, small oranges. ;-D

  3. hmm...yea, it takes getting used to, the trusting people here. Just yesterday at the company's Christmas party I noticed that the ladies on the dance floor didn't have their handbags, while I still did. The party was in a large club, dark dim atmostphere with only colleagues around, and apparently the ladies just felt that it was safe to leave the handbags unattended on the side of the room where there still were benches and chairs.
    On another're madness, woman!! Less than 24 hours from opening your blog there are - lemme count...SEVEN new posts??? I can't even seem to find time+energy to write one per week hihihi...

  4. Fei: Yeah, I experienced the same thing...holding my bag wherever I went he he he he...

    What can I say? I'm incurable, Darling Friend HE HE HE HE HE...I'm also surprised to see that I've written down 56 posts even though it's only mid December HI HI HI HI HI...

  5. Hey.. You have habit of sending post cards? I love postcards leh. It has so much more personal touch then emails or sms.

    Have a Great Weekend Buddy!

  6. Waterlearner: Nah, it's not a habit. I just love sending them to people who love collecting them he he...You want one from Finland? ;-D

  7. I have a story when I was at the post office the other day. Will write about it soon. :)

    YAYY!!! I received more $$$, too, Amel!!! Let's go shopping!!! He he he...

  8. That's great that you're making money from writing the ads. I have tried to get started with payperpost, but I've had so much trouble with it that I finally gave up trying.

  9. Choc Mint Girl: Okie dokie, Crystal he he he...I just got another payment! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! ;-D But I've done enough shopping this month so I'm just HAPPY that I am able to get some to cover up all the extra expenses HE HE HE HE HE...I wanna save enough money to buy a plane ticket to Indo!!!!!!!! ;-D

    Kathy: Yeah, esp. since I'm unemployed and I don't know when I can get a job here he he he...

    Yeah, the first time it also made me confused and I had to ask for Crystal's help. The bottom line is that you have to copy and paste the links from their site without altering anything.