Monday, December 10, 2007

My Bro's Wedding

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! I managed to call my parents again earlier today and I could talk to Mom, my brother, and his new wife he he he he he...

First of all, the wedding was a success though they said it was SO crowded there. They sent out 450 invitations and ordered 700 plates (portions of food). They held the wedding in one of the Chinese restaurants in Bandung. As usual, since it's a restaurant, they were ready to add more food if there were more guests. And indeed they had to add more food: 145 plates (portions) more!!! Gee...I can imagine how crowded it was even though they decided to rent both the first and second floor.

Even the restaurant owner was shocked and said to my Mom, "I've never seen these many guests coming to a wedding held here." HA HA HA HA HA...My Mom told me that it was because I didn't invite many relatives at all on my wedding day. Plus both my brother and his wife have SO MANY friends!!!!

Then my Mom said that my brother's wife's Mom kept on crying at church during the wedding ceremony. Poor her!!! Even today she came over to our house with her hubby to talk to their daughter he he he he...I guess they missed her already!!! ;-D My brother spent two nights in a hotel with his new bride, and then today they came back to my parents' place. They are given an upstairs bedroom and a small living room at the side of my parents' house so that they can get some privacy he he he...

Then I asked Mom to hand over the phone to my brother. My brother said that he was sweating like a pig NON-STOP for hours during the party since the room was so crowded. Oh daer he he he he...He bought a digital camera earlier today since tomorrow they're going to Bali on their honeymoon. I told him to be careful there and I wished him a nice honeymoon.

I also got to talk to his wife for a little while. She said that it was SO tiring he he he...but she was glad it was over. Then I asked how she liked her new bedroom. She said that she still couldn't sleep well since it felt weird that there was another "creature" sleeping next to her HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...Ahem...then I wished her an enjoyable honeymoon as well and I didn't talk too long since I knew her parents wanted to talk to her, too.


I'm glad that now my parents have a new daughter he he he he...I hope that they'll live together harmoniously throughout the years and that God'll give them good health all through the coming days. ;-D And I'm GLAD finally my brother got himself a digital camera so he can keep on sending pictures of my familyyyyyyy via emaillll he he he he he he he he he he he he he...

I've been busy today, so I'll only begin blog-hopping now he he he he...All in all, today's a WONDERFUL Monday for me. Hope today's been MAGNIFICENT for you too! ;-D


  1. Amel, when i read this. I already imagine how my brother wedding next year hehehe... If too many people, i must more pay attention with Jason ^_^;; oh boy...i hope i can go to Jakarta next year :D

  2. Come to my blog and get your The Speader Of Love Award

  3. I am glad to hear that your brother has a very nice wedding. I am also glad to hear that you are having a wonderful Monday. God Bless and peace be with you.:)

  4. Sindi: THANKS A LOT for the award!!! And yeah, I'm also glad my brother's wedding was smooth. ;-D GBU to you too, Sindi! ;-D

  5. Now, everyone can breathe!! He he...Glad to hear that everything went on well. Honeymoon to Bali...I was supposed to go to Bali for honeymoon, but never mind. I'm looking forward to Bali, maybe next year.

    Remember I mentioned one of my best friend's names, Anita?! Her boyfriend is from Bali. SO, if I hear wedding bells, that means we are ready to pack our luggage. Ha ha ha...

  6. Choc Mint Girl: INDEED!!!! ;-D You were supposed to go to Bali? Let me tell you something. If you ever go there, you MUST try one of the spas there. Their masseuses have HEAVENLY fingers. THE BEST massage I have EVER experienced!!! ;-D

    Your friend Anita's boyfriend is from Bali? Yeah...if she gets married, then you'll fly to Bali right away. YIIIIIPPPPPPPIIIIIIIEEE!!! ;-D

  7. CONGRATULATIONS and very best wishes for your brother and his new wife. :-)

    and.. I'm tagging you! :-D

  8. Amel, congrats for this newly wed couple! May God bless their marriage with happiness!

  9. Michelle: THANK YOU!!! And THANKS for the tag he he he he...

    Trinity: THANKS, Trin! Yeah, may God really bless them. ;-D