Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Confess!!!

Michelle tagged me to do this meme. It was originally written by PV of "Finding Me".

Here are some of my confessions:

1. I get SO pissed off whenever someone (usually from Indonesia), says to me, "Hi, how are you. Oh, now you live in Finland? So far away from Indonesia. Are you pregnant already? Any kids?" I know those are just chit-chat questions, but I don't think it's good to ask about pregnancy or kids. After all, NOT everybody can get pregnant easily and NOT everybody plans on having kids right away. Besides, some people can't have kids. People have different situations.

I also get pissed off if someone tries to tell someone else, "It's better to have kids whose age difference isn't too big." So? Just because you believe something is good for your family doesn't mean it will be good for another family. It's all up to each family to decide whether or not to have kids, to have just one kid, or whatever...even though in the end it's all up to God.

2. I once lied to my teacher and she knew about it. But in the end I found out I wasn't REALLY lying after all. Confused? Here's the story. For my accounting classes in High School, I had to bring several notebooks plus some photocopies. One day I thought I had forgotten to bring one of the photocopies. I PANICKED, so I went to another classroom that had different schedule to borrow one from one of my friends there. Turned out I forgot that during that period of time, the time schedule per class was changed. So I didn't return it back to her on time, so she had to ask permission from the accounting teacher to go to my classroom to get back her photocopy. ARRRGGGHHHH indeed, right?

Then after that I got cold sweat all over the teacher knew!!! After break came our accounting session and right from the start she asked anyone to admit if they had forgotten to bring their photocopy. I was such a coward that I didn't raise my hand even though she had known that I had forgotten it. I sensed that she had lost her trust in me right there and then. You know what was really crazy? When I got back home, I took out everything from my bag and the photocopy was LYING at the bottom of my bag, hidden by all the other books.

But what can I say to my teacher? I couldn't have told her about that fact as it was irrelevant. In her eyes, I had become a liar. *sob sob* I've never really said anything to her, but in this post I'd love to say SORRY to her for being such a coward. What I did was wrong, even though in the end I found out that I had brought the photocopy.

3. Same as Blur Ting, I don't thrive on criticism. I just shrink back when I hear criticism and I can really begin to curse myself over and over and over again because of that. I think I've learnt to stop cursing myself too long over the past few years...but I still think I can't handle criticism as well as some people do.

4. It's easier for me to remember faces than names. I forget many names of my ex university friends, but I still remember their faces.

5. I'm such a sleepyhead that I never really had problems going to sleep, except the few times when I drink too much coffee or when I have too many things in my mind (or during the time I tried working at a factory).

6. And again just like Blur Ting, I dislike big parties, esp. when I don't know many people there. That's why it's fine for me to go to a relative's wedding party even though it's a big party. At least then I can talk to some relatives of mine. But basically speaking, I dislike big parties when it's MY party.

7. I love talking one-on-one rather than being in a big group. If I am with a big group, esp. if most of them are Sanguine/Cholerics, then most of the time I get less chance to talk. When you talk one-on-one with someone, the conversation tends to be deeper and both parties can share more things than if you talk in a big group of people. Plus you get distracted easily when you're in a big group of people. A and B talk about something, C and D talk about something else, and the rest may talk about another topic. ARRRGGHHHH!!!!!! I thrive on QUALITY TIME, thank you very much he he he he...

8. I once conducted an experiment. To read the complete story, go here.

OK, I think that's enough for now. I'm going to blog-hop now. Didn't have time to do it yesterday. I've been busy, busy, busy. I'll tell you later, OK?


  1. #1 - I agree with you totally. People just just mind their own business (even though they usually mean well...)

    #2 - I used to lie to my teacher too. When I was in lower primary, my handwriting was very untidy. Being such a perfectionist, I couldn't 'tahan' seeing my exercise book untidy. SO each time I made a mistake, I would tear out the page and start all over again...until my exercise books got so thin! The teacher would reprimand me "Did you tear your pages?" I always lie "No, I didn't!" Like duh!

    #3 - I used to be like you. I would feel so down for several days. Then I realised that the peron who had criticised me had already moved on and is happy doing his own thing, and here I am, still feeling so victimised and miserable. I can't allow that to happen! So I learned to listen to constructive criticisms (and improve myself) or simply block out those stupid comments.

    #5 - I love to sleep too. During school days, I used to fall alseep in the bus until I was way past my house. I had to walk across the road to take a bus home. I used to fall asleep while revising my schoolwork too. Mum thought I was quietly studying in my room. In actual fact, I was napping!

  2. Oh, I can relate your number 1 answer. I hate it too especially when they ask a personal question. I am originally from the Philippines and you know what, everytime when a friend see me, they would tell you, you look fat. Grrrr...but in USA, people greet you, "how are you" and "you look great". Even I don't look great but I still prefer to be called like that.

    #4: We are opposite. But I was like you before, maybe in my high school days. I tried not to forget the names because I appreciate someone who have a good memory. That means if they remember your name, you are important. Correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Blur Ting: Oh used to rip of the pages of your book because of that reason? I've never heard this before. Interestinggggg!!!!

    Well, for me, even if it was a constructive criticism, it took me a while before I could get it off my mind. However, I think I've learnt to let it go faster...but I don't know for sure yet since I've never heard any criticism lately he he he...

    HI HI HI HI HI...You used to fall asleep while revising your schoolwork? Well, when it's a short distance, I don't fall asleep on public transit and I never fell asleep while doing my homework. I also never let myself fall asleep on the sofa while watching TV. But I LOVE sleeping loonnnggg he he he he he he...

    Raquel: Yeah, that's my problem with Indonesians, as well. They think it's OK to say "Oh, it looks like you're gaining weight!" YUCK!!!! And I also prefer what you wrote there: "Hi, you look great" HE HE HE HE HE...

    Yeah, I know what you mean about remembering people's names. I know that it's important, but funnily enough it's easier for me to remember faces he he he...

  4. I so agree with you on number 1 where people think you should do everything the same way they did it. That really bothers me!

  5. Kathy:'s really tough when you're really not following the mainstream. Anyway, it's different if we ask advice from them about what to do with their lives, but just because they are following the mainstream doesn't mean that there aren't any road less travelled that aren't as good as the mainstream, right? HE HE HE HE...

    OK I'd better stop here before I get all fired up again HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  6. Great list Amel!

    I hate #1 too. People like that are so rude. :-(( growling face!

    #2 poor you! :-( I had something almost like that, only I never told anything so I didn't lie... I just never said. My one exam paper was lost. It turned out that I had handed in the test... and taken home my exam! I found it in my case after the holidays. I never told because I was scared the teacher would think I had done it on purpose to cheat because it was a subject I hated - Maths.

    #3 and #4 - me too!

    #5.. depends. I think i'm a mix of my parents. My dad can sleep standing up (true - he would do that in the army) and my mom has very bad insomnia. I kind of balance between them.

    #6 I like big parties because I prefer watching and listening to talking. one on one means I feel I have to keep the conversation going and then I feel stressed. So I prefer the big parties, but not my own! I don't really like giving parties - I'd rather go to someone else's because that way when you are tired and have had enough you can leave. If they're all in your house you have to wait for them to leave.

    #7 I like small groups (2 to 5) the best. That way the conversation can be on "serious topics", but I don't have to talk. I can sit back and listen. :-)

  7. Actually with number 1, I don't get upset anymore (unless I'm having my bad days :D). If I put myself in their shoes, being raised with the chit chat habbit, those lines are just common ice breakers. Most don't judge you - at least none has ever given a second line after I give my response, since they're not asking in earnest and you don't get into a heated debate with them. Elders are different though, raised in their own tradition and generation, thinks its better to have kids ASAP. And since the whole nation seems to be raised that way, I can't do anything to change it, so I've learned to take those comments lightly - no use getting overheated time and again.

    What annoys me more is the chit chat habbit of weight, or having spouse. That literally hurts. Most of the time postphoning kids is a decission you make (at least the couples I know are in the postphoning section, only a few are barren/trying hard), while weight and spouse are usually things you wish for yourself, and the comment puts you in the failure category.

  8. Michelle:

    1. Yeah, they just don't realize that it's a VERY touchy subject!!! GRRR!!!

    2. You took home your exam? Oh dear...I also hated Maths, by the way ha ha ha...

    5. Your Dad can sleep standing up? WOWWW!!! Yeah, I read in your latest post about your insomnia. I never knew you had insomnia!

    6. If I go to big parties too often, I find myself drained. If it's just once in a while, then it's fine he he...I also don't really like giving formal parties. I just love hanging out with my friends anywhere and talk, talk, talk or windowshop he he he...

    7. You have to meet my ex-campus friends. If I hang out with most of them who're Sanguine, I don't get a chance to talk at all, even if I'm only with 4 of them. Phew!!! I find it MUCH better to talk to them one-on-one he he he...

    Fei: I don't know why but right now I still get VERY irritated about this, esp. since lately I've met lots of old friends in FS and they all ask about such questions. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! It's annoying to hear that thing again and again and again and having to explain to them about my position. GRRRRRRRR!!!!

    I don't know when I can take the questions lightly 'coz when I think of it, it still irks me so much he he he...

    I also get annoyed about the weight and having a spouse thingie. I once wrote about it in a different post. Those comments are really painful, indeed. Crazy chit-chat habits!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sometimes, I'd get pissed off for No. 1 too. Some people still have this old-fashioned mind that you must get pregnant in 2-3 months after you get married otherwise they'll think something is wrong.

    Recently, I met my ex-workmate and she asked me about it, and my bro-in-law who's happened to be there told me that it's the same in Italy.

  10. Choc Mint Girl: Ah, you too, eh? Yeah, I understand about it. It's nuts to expect people to get pregnant so soon after the wedding. After all, different people have different situations he he he...

    Your bro-in-law said it was the same thing in Italy as well? Interesting!!! I thought it only happened in Asia, but maybe Italians are big on families, too, eh?