Monday, December 17, 2007

Mother-in-law Update

Yesterday I sent an SMS to my mother-in-law, asking about her ankle. She said that she took some painkillers, so it was getting better. But I'm more glad when I received her SMS an hour ago, stating that she went to the doctor and she got her ankle on cast since there was some fracture. It's always dangerous when an older person falls down. I'm GLAD my mother-in-law is health-conscious. She says that she's now walking with Arttu's grandpa's stick. I'm glad that there's at least a walking stick in the house already.

I remember buying my mother a walking stick with four legs (the best kind ever to support your weight as it was SO stable!) when she first got problems with her knee. Even though now she isn't using it anymore, I'm glad the walking stick was beneficial for a while. Plus it was also beneficial when my Dad had a mini stroke and had to learn to walk again. is SO important, everybody! So let's just take GOOD care of our asset he he he he he...

By the way, I'm going on my pre-Christmas party at around 6 pm, so wait for some story and pics tomorrow he he he he...I can't wait to taste the food in that restaurant HO HO HO HO HO...Remember that there aren't fancy restaurants here in this little village, but it's the company that counts, right? I can SOCIALIZE!!!! YIIIHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!! ;-D

And here's a cute cat video clip for you to enjoy (I was going to share a music video clip but couldn't find it)!!! I LOVE the cat on the right. SO VERY adorable he he he he he...


  1. Healthy is very important of course. I did burn on DVD billy blanks, Amel. But i still don't have time to do it hehehe... Busy and busy. As mother also sport for me hehehe.. Going up and down trap with holding Jason hahaha....

  2. Eeeeeeeeee...The cats are SO cutteeee!!! Ha ha...

    Anyway, yeah, being health conscious is important. Also, it's good if the people around you are being morally supportive, right?!

    Christmas party!! Yayy!! Okay, will be waiting for more updates from you!! ;D

  3. Jul: HE HE HE...I know you're a busy Mom, Jul. Don't worry! You're right that playing with Jason is also a type of exercise he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: I KNEW you'd love the cats 'coz I love 'em too he he he...

    And yeah, it's good when people around you are morally supportive about being health-conscious. ;-D

    I'll post the pics and the party story tomorrow.

    Mother Hen: I did, THANKS!!! ;-D

  4. Nice video, amel...
    I love cats too and have 1 cat at home.

    Have a nice christmas party!!!

  5. Jeanne: Wish you were my neighbour so I could play with your cat HE HE HE HE HE...I had a nice X-mas party, THANKS! WOOOHOOO!!! ;-D

  6. Amel, I came over to tell u that I like the snow name so much. I put it on my blog.... kekekeke :p

    Thanks dear :)


    Enjoy ur X'mas party :)

  7. Janice: Ahhh...I'm GLAD you decided to put the name on your blog. THANKS!!!! ;-D

  8. Oh my...what happened to your mom in law? I am glad she is all right now :)!

    You are right: our health is a great asset!


  9. Max: She fell down on the stairs while going to a birthday party. Poor woman. :-((((