Saturday, December 29, 2007

3BT: December 29, 2007

1. Hubby waking me up with a HUGE smile on his face as it was SO late already and we were supposed to go grocery shopping first before going to my in-laws. Since mother-in-law's left ankle's still on cast, she needs us to go grocery shopping for them. I LOVE the fact that hubby doesn't mind my being a HUGE sleepyhead HE HE HE HE HE...LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIMMMMM TREMENDOUSLY!!!

2. My rashes are almost GONE HUE HE HE HE HE...YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! ;-D

3. Finding some frozen egg rolls on a discount (2 packs for €3) and hubby bought them for me. I was going to pay him, but he didn't want to take cash HA HA HA HA...YEEESS!!! I saved some money yet I still get what I want. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!

Note: here there are no Asian stores, so no stores selling egg rolls wrappers...if there are stores selling them, I'd make them myself since I know it'd be cheaper that way he he...

4. I got an even total score with hubby during our card game (we played cards again with my mother-in-law). That meant we were two big losers HA HA HA HA HA HA...At least I didn't have to be ONE big loser, right? *wink*

5. Some romantic moments with hubby HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...I can't write them down here, though HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

6. I brought some soto ayam for my in-laws to try. *crossing my fingers* I SURE HOPE they like it and they don't find it too spicy he he he he...

7. Pink clouds. I've seen pink clouds several time over the sky is mostly covered with greyish clouds, yet there are some covered with pink clouds...odd, interesting, quirky, unbelievable! Never seen anything like that before in Indo!!!



  1. Amel, I tagged you :)

  2. Glad to hear that your rashes are almost gone!!! :)

    I so want to know about your in-laws' reaction on the 'soto' ha ha ha...

  3. Janice: I'm afraid I've done it before already he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, me too! I only have 4 tablets left, but I think after today they'll be 100% gone. However, I'm gonna buy more JUST IN CASE I have another case of allergy on weekends or holidays when the pharmacy is closed!

    Yeah, I'll tell you later if my in-laws like the soto or not HI HI HI HI HI...I'll know next Saturday!