Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top of the Range Garden Offices

I came across this UK site that sells garden offices with breathtaking pictures. I had never seen such a thing before in Indonesia, but I can imagine already how wonderful it must be to have a garden home office if you work from home. The Garden Escape is a company that builds garden offices by combining the use of wood and glass with contemporary designs. Even if you don't need a home office, you can also use the building for different purposes, for example: for a gym or a painting studio or just your getaway place where you can relax.

All the buildings they make are equipped with electric heating and glass wool insulation, so you can use them even in winter without freezing inside. The regular sizes range from 8 square metres until 30 square metres, but you can also ask for a specific size that you want. The quoted prices include laying down the foundation, installation in mainland UK, different electrical installations, internal decoration, and additional finishing touches until the building is ready to use.

Let me show you a picture of their latest design "The Curve". What do you think? I think it looks very cosy and I'd love to enjoy myself in that whirlpool with my hubby. *wink* Plus I love the fact that everything's made of wood. It just looks so classy and homey at the same time.

Anyway, if I were to imagine myself using such a building, I would probably use it as a getaway place. I'll arrange my book collection there and add some comfortable sofa and DVD player so I can enjoy music while reading. And since I'm addicted to sauna, I'd put a small sauna and shower there, as well. I can invite my female friends to have a barbecue party during summer. That means I'll have a garden table and chairs outside he he he...

Here's another picture that resembles what I have in mind. What do you think? Does it make you want to have one? Yeah, me too! *grin*


  1. Choc Mint Girl: I know what you mean. When I browsed through their site and looked at other pics, I was mesmerized!!!!! Splendid! ;-D